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Battlefield 1: Best Medic Class LoadoutGuide

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Callum Corcut / Sat 28th Jan 2017
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Battlefield 1: Best Medic Class Loadout

As a medic in BF1 it's your responsibility to resurrect fallen players and heal reckless teammates. This doesn't mean that you can't rocket up the leader board at the same time. This guide will provide you with the best class loadout currently available for medics.

STEP 1 Select the 'Mondragon Storm' as your weapon. Its high damage and accuracy are excellent for securing kills in short to mid-range. The 10 bullet clip is also more than enough to get around 2-3 kills.

STEP 2 Select the 'M1911' as your sidearm. You can pick whatever pistol you want as it isn't as important as your rifle, but this is just a reliable and fast sidearm.

STEP 3 Select 'Bandage Pouch' as your first gadget. It's more effective than the medical crate as you can single out teammates and heal comrades where they are stationed, rather than causing them to rush out in the open towards your crate.

STEP 4 Gadget two should be the 'Medical Syringe'. Every medic needs this in order to revive fallen allies.

STEP 5 Equip either the 'Smoke' or 'Gas' grenade. You need a grenade that will obscure the vision of the enemy as well as give you a safer path to your wounded teammate.

STEP 6 Finally a melee weapon. I personally go with the 'Bedouin Dagger' as a style choice but any of the knives should do very nicely.

STEP 7 Get out there and ascend to the top!

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