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Battlefield 1: Best Scout Class LoadoutGuide

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Callum Corcut / Sun 12th Mar 2017
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Battlefield 1: Best Scout Class Loadout

Being a sniper in a Battlefield game is one of the most satisfying challenges in competitive shooters today. With this guide I will show you how to best equip yourself for long range rifle encounters. This class may not be the best for supporting team objectives but it is undoubtedly the class that requires the most skill to utilise effectively. 

STEP 1 Select the 'Russian 1895 Sniper' as your primary weapon. This is a terrific beginner level sniper that has good range with a damage drop off at about 75 meters. You will have no trouble one shotting enemies from across the map in most game modes.

STEP 2 Select the 'Mars Automatic' as your sidearm. This little pistol will save your life if enemies somehow manage to get within close range. Thankfully it is more than suited to the task.

STEP 3 For your first gadget you should select the 'Flare Gun - Spot'. This is one of the few options available where the scout can aid his team directly. This flare will highlight enemies on the mini map which will show up for surrounding teammates as well.

STEP 4 Your second gadget should be the tripwire bomb if you are playing a wide open mode like conquest. This will stop anyone from sneaking up behind you. If you are playing a more linear mode, the sniper shield or sniper decoy will do nicely.

STEP 5 The grenade you should opt for as a scout is smoke. If you have been compromised and are visible to enemy vehicles, medics or other snipers you will need to pop some smoke and quickly change to a more advantageous position.

STEP 6 The 'Combat Knife' will do nicely as your last resort for melee attacks.

STEP 7 Become a master!

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