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Before The Storm: Episode 1 - Graffiti GuideGuide

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Callum Corcut / Fri 29th Sep 2017
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Before The Storm: Episode 1 - Graffiti Guide

In order to achieve that elusive 100%, you'll need to not only complete each episode, but also find the 10 optional graffiti locations. Life Is Strange Season 1 had us take 10 optional photos in each episode. The same principle returns in Before The Storm, but now that we play as the rebellious Chloe Price we must find 10 locations to tag! 

STEP 1 The first location available for some vandalism is the RV outside of the barn. This is the very first area of the game, so the RV is pretty hard to miss. Just go around the back as shown in the image above.

STEP 2 The second spot is inside the barn itself. It is the saw on the opposite side of the room you enter, between the bar and the mosh pit.

STEP 3 No more unicorns. No more princesses. Oh man, the feels. You must tear down the childhood unicorn poster in Chloe's room in order to tag the wall behind.

STEP 4 Time to hit step-Dork where it hurts. You must go to the tool box, take the highlighted item, and the graffiti prompt will pop up.

STEP 5 Now that we are back at Blackwell Academy, turn left and go towards the stage. Go behind the stage and on the right side of the entrance to the building, you will be able to write on the wall.

STEP 6 After retrieving Rachel's belt from her bag, head into the dressing room. Stop at the poster of 'The Tempest' for the option to draw a halo on Rachel, or horns on Nathan. As if you wouldn't choose the horns though!

STEP 7 After ditching school, you will find yourself on a spontaneous train trip with Rachel. After pulling up a crate next to our new BFF, go towards the rest of the graffiti and proceed to make your own addition.

STEP 8 Yep. It's time to defile a statue. This one is hard to miss. Once in the park simply walk up to the large figure and do your thing.

STEP 9 This one's a bit trickier. You have to destroy things in a specific sequence. First you will need to knock down the large sign in the junkyard. Once this is done, you will have to smash the cans of paint onto the fallen sign. This will allow the option for graffiti.

STEP 10 The final optional spot is in the last dream sequence of the episode. You will first need to move the poster positioned in front of you. Once you have done this, you will need to look at the wine bottle and take back your marker. This will allow you to draw on the final graffiti spot.

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