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Before The Storm: Episode 2 - Graffiti GuideGuide

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Callum Corcut / Fri 10th Nov 2017
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Before The Storm: Episode 2 - Graffiti Guide

Episode two of Deck Nine's remarkably well-made prequel has arrived. This means that there are 10 new graffiti locations available for us to locate. So pull out your favourite permanent marker and get ready to show Arcadia Bay what you really think of it!

STEP 1 The first optional location is in the car park at the beginning of the episode. Immediately turn right and you will find a box of lights intended for the school play. Be sure to leave a nice drawing on the bulbs themselves.

STEP 2 The second optional graffiti location is present at the iconic junkyard. You will need to prop up a wooden pallet near the boat in order to climb it. Once onboard you will find a lonely car hood you can tag.

STEP 3 Once you have adequately pimped your ride you will be able draw something on the inside of the car. This one is pretty straightforward.

STEP 4 Fans of the original title will adore this small yet meaningful inclusion. Once you are inside the small room in the junkyard. Go towards the wall and earn the aptly titled 'Canon Wall' achievement.

STEP 5 Nowhere is safe from the wrath of Chloe's artistic rebellion. Not even Frank's RV. Once given the ability to roam inside of his motorised home, go towards his humble kitchen and make an addition to his grocery list.

STEP 6 Oh boy, wet concrete. This is a classic opportunity for some Blackwell related vandalism. Simply walk through the concrete before proceeding to write a message in the pavement.

STEP 7 This optional location outside of the dormitories will require some legwork. You will need to complete the story puzzle where you lure Samuel away from his post with a broken sprinkler. Once he is out of the room you can tag the white door.

STEP 8 Now that we are inside the *gasp* boys dormitories, you will need to invade Elliot's room. His futile crush on Chloe is about to have permanent (marker) consequences. You will need to go inside the room and read the poor guys diary. Once you have done this you can go outside and change the message on his whiteboard.

STEP 9 One of the game's biggest and best moments involves the school play based on 'The Tempest'. After Chloe is roped into performing in the play, she will have the option to tag the changing mirror. This is only possible after she is in full costume.

STEP 10 The final location is available in the last scene of the episode. For the first time in the series we get to see Rachel Amber's house. You will need to help set up the dinner table for Rose in order to get her away from the fridge. Once she has moved across the kitchen you will be free to leave your mark on the Amber household.

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