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Before The Storm - Episode 3 Graffiti GuideGuide

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Callum Corcut / Wed 31st Jan 2018
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Before The Storm - Episode 3 Graffiti Guide

The season finale is finally here and with it comes a chance to platinum this incredible title. The only thing that stands between you and 100% completion is ten more graffiti locations, so let's get to it!

STEP 1 In the aftermath of the previous episode, Chloe is tasked with cheering up Rachel inside her room. Before doing that we're going to take the time to tag the first graffiti location. All you must do is walk up to her desk and interact with the journal.

STEP 2 The second spot located in Rachel's inner sanctum is the U.S map hanging from her wall. Go up to it and provide her with your finest inspirational quote.

STEP 3 Chloe has come back home in the early hours of the morning and the first thing she needs to do is find the class photo on the bookshelf near her bed and make some much-needed adjustments.

STEP 4 While on the upper floor of the Price household, make sure to go into Joyce's room and to scribble all over the calendar.

STEP 5 This step is easily missed on the first try. What you must do while fixing the car in the junkyard first is interact with the fuel filter and proceed to blow out all of the sludge. Once this is done, there will be a smear on the hood which you are able to interact with.

STEP 6 After getting up from your seat in the waiting room of the hospital, immediately walk right towards the exit. Near the doors, you will find a personal hygiene poster that could use a little sprucing up.

STEP 7 Go towards the vending machine and be sure to slam it three times. After the third slam, you will be able to tag the machine itself.

STEP 8 This step will vary depending on your previous choices. In my playthrough, I had Drew in a hospital bed. What you must do is try and take the pudding off him and subsequently succeed in the back-chat mini-game. Once you have eaten the pudding, you will have the option to sign his cast.

STEP 9 After breaking into James Amber's office, you will need to open one of the lower drawers on his desk. Inside you will see a bottle with the option to graffiti.

STEP 10 The final spot is back where it all began, at the mill. First, dislodge the knife hanging from the wooden beam near the bar. Next, you will need to move the metal sheet covering the wall. Behind it, you will see a sinister message regarding Damon Merrick, destroy the message to fully complete all available achievements in Before The Storm.

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