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Breath of the Wild - EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes GuideGuide

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Sharna Barker / Fri 18th Aug 2017
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Breath of the Wild - EX Treasure: Fairy Clothes Guide

The first Breath of the Wild DLC pack brought a whole heap to explore and do in the fields of Hyrule. Questing to find all the DLC armour is just one thing to keep you occupied. 

Almost all of the armour is hidden in chests around Central Hyrule and they can be quite tricky to locate. Here is a guide to help you find just one set.

STEP 1 Tingle’s Hood is easy to find in the Exchange Ruins. Just to the west of a group of trees, on the south side of the ruins, is a ruined courtyard-type area. There should be a pile of rubble. Within that rubble is the chest. Use magnesis to get it out.

Here is where should be located:

STEP 2 And on the map:

STEP 3 Tingle’s Shirt is a little trickier to get. It’s in the Castle Town Prison which is guarded by Guardian Skywatchers and Guardian Stalkers. Keep out of Skywatcher’s line of sight and try to do the same for the stalker, though it might be easier to kill it.

Here is where the chest should be located:

STEP 4 And on the map:

STEP 5 The last piece of the set is Tingle’s Tights. It’s buried in Mabe Village Ruins under a dead Guardian in a puddle. Be careful of the Guardian Stalker roaming around the nearby field. Either avoid it or kill it.

Here is the where the chest should be located:

STEP 6 And on the map:

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