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Breath of the Wild Korok GuideGuide

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Kris Godwin / Sun 9th Apr 2017
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Breath of the Wild Korok Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest game in the history of the franchise.

Amidst the countless weapons, shrines and quests - there is one particular collectible that dwarfs them all - the Koroks.

These pesky forest spirits number 900, and are scattered all over the game world. Finding one of them nets you a Korok Seed, which can be given to a particular character in exchange for extra weapon slots.

Koroks can be found anywhere and everywhere, yet, there is no in-game guide to finding them.

However, GSR can help with that! Instead of blithely telling you where they all are (which would ruin the exploration aspect of the game), we have instead endeavoured to make a list of the types of locations where you'll be able to find the pesky critters!

STEP 1 First of all, the most important thing is to first find Hestu. A giant chubby Korok that can be found on the road to Kakriko Village, he initially needs you to retrieve his maracas - which are found close by in a bokoblin camp. Get these back, and he'll offer a couple of upgrades, before moving on to a stable (I found him at Wetland Stable in Lanayru).

Here, he'll offer to upgrade your pouches even further, and once you've done it enough times, he'll finally move on to Korok Forest, which is found within the Great Hyrule Forest, north of Hyrule Castle.

STEP 2 So, Koroks themselves can be found in any place that looks suspicious.

The most basic of these is under rocks, usually ones that are in a peculiar place. Some times they'll be under large objects that need to be moved or bombed.

STEP 3 Koroks can be found by solving these block puzzles scattered around Hyrule. Using your Magnesis tool, you need to lift a errant cube, and place it in the appropriate gap, so that both structures are identical. Sometimes, the block you need is out of sight or further away (but is still nearby), or the structures themselves are separated by some distance (like the one near Lake Hylia)

STEP 4 Here, you need to get a stone, and throw them within these circles. Oftentimes, the distance is too great, so I created a row of ice pillars to bounce them off. It's not easy, but it works! Just make sure the gaps between them are as small as possible.

STEP 5 Speaking of stones, these circles are also hiding Koroks. As you can probably guess, you need to fill-inn the missing spaces - which can number up to three.

STEP 6 These statues require an offering of fruit. Most of the time they're apples, but sometimes palm fruit. Do so, and hey presto, a Korok!

STEP 7 These circles of lilies need to be dived-in from a great hight. This will probably be the first Korok-type you get, since one of these is near the old man at the start of the game.

STEP 8 These puzzles require you to place a metal ball within a hole. A few of them will come in holes of three, requiring you to carefully place chained balls without yanking each side. With these trickier ones, I used Stasis to pause one ball whilst moving the others.

STEP 9 These particular stone puzzles are rarer. Found in abandoned forts, they're kind of like the circle ones, except you need to match the patterns.

STEP 10 These ones are timed. Standing on the Korok stump triggers a loop you need to go through before they disappear. These vary from simply running and climbing to them - to sailing a raft, or shield surfing.

STEP 11 These flowers come in groups of five, and you need to touch them in the right order in order to make a cheeky Korok appear.

STEP 12 Finding red pinwheels like these trigger balloons or barrels that need to be shot.For the harder barrel challenges, I used Stasis to freeze and shoot them one at a time. Similarly, lone balloons can also be found tucked away in random places - just shoot 'em for another Korok!

STEP 13 These yellow flowers will make you chase them. If you can pursue them successfully, a Korok is yours!

STEP 14 This particular puzzle has a boulder on top of a tower, which requires you to knock it down and place it on the proper space. I couldn't get a screen cap, but Koroks can also be found as flashing lights zooming along the ground, whilst being accompanied by their trademark jingly noise. Hearing these is a sure sign that one is nearby!

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