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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 10Guide

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David Hull / Mon 7th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 10

Here we are, the final confrontation before we link the fire, or let the flame fade. Chuck your favourite pants on as we uncover our fate.

STEP 1 Gwynn, Lord of Cinder Gwyn is the final Boss of the game and defeating him will trigger the end of your current play through, so say goodbye to whoever is still alive in Lordran and head through the Kiln of the First Flame.

Probably the most aggressive boss within the game, Gwyn is a Humanoid foe, slightly larger than you. He wields a flaming sword and doesn’t like you very much. His attacks are relentless and will kill you in just a few swings. Your best bet is to grab a shield such as the Black Knight Shield, a possible drop from any Black Knight. This will allow you to absorb some of the punishment from Gwyn whilst also reducing the effect of his fire enhanced sword. Don’t bother dodging as you’ll likely be hit by one of his attacks given their speed and one hit can chain into several leading to death.

So, what do we do about attacking? Well, there are several options. Magic users will find things easier with Homing Soulmass, preferably Crystal, mixed with other spells should you gain some time to use them. Pyro’s can use many attacks despite Gwyn himself being fire based, but try to stick with faster spells such as Combustions. Again Miracle users will struggle with few abilities really being much use aside from Wrath of the Gods.

Melee fighters, you need to learn to either weather the storm and wait for an opening or parry and riposte him. He is fully susceptible to a riposte and should you land one it will do high damage. This isn’t necessary and has high risk, but the reward is a fight that can be over much quicker and safer.

If you aren't comfortable with your counter attacks, you'll need to be patient and, if you can, ditch the Black Knight Shield and bring the Black Iron Greatshield. This shield is the property of Iron Tarkus so you know it's amazing. From here, you simply need to block his attacks until he leaves an opening. These come in the form of his attempts to grab you, or kick you. Don't get greedy though, he isn't exposed for long at all and will severely punish any mistakes. Repeat this process until he is dead. If you can't wield the shield, stick with the Black Knight shield, just be careful not to let your stamina drop completely.

Well done Chosen Undead, you can now succeed Lord Gwyn and relink the fire, or lead the world into an age of Dark and let the fire fade.

Next time we’ll be back with your adversaries in Dark Souls II of which their are plenty. Thanks for reading and we'll see you soon.

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