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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 12Guide

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David Hull / Mon 7th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 12

Part two of the Artorias DLC. The next two inhabitants of Oolacile are not particularly friendly and represent possibly the hardest challenge within not only the expansion, but the game as a whole.

STEP 1 Manus, Father of the Abyss Arguably the most challenging of the expansion bosses is Manus. This guy is no joke and is a good example of what to expect from future FromSoftware games after this DLC. Manus is manic and despite his size moves extremely fast. He uses Dark Magic that can be blocked and dodged but not reliably, especially for anyone unfamiliar with this fight. Before we dive in though, remember poor old Sif? Well, if you saved him in the Abyss outside you can summon him from within the fight itself. His sign will be in the arena you fight Manus in. Also, grab the Silver Pendant. This item completely deflects Dark Magic and will be invaluable in this fight.

So, let’s jump down and meet Manus. For the first half of the fight Manus will fight physically. Much like Artorias, his attacks deal heavy stamina damage and some may even go right through your shield and dig into your health. With this in mind, avoid direct blocking if you can and try to lure him into attacking specific ways. For example, if you are a mage of some kind, keep your distance and try to attack when he does large, far reaching attacks as these tend to leave him more open to a counter strike.

If you’re melee focused, try to learn his attacks and never assume you are safe. If you are behind him he will wiggle his arm around behind him and smack you for not asking permission. If you are at any distance, he can perform a wide sweeping attack that must be rolled through to avoid. Your best bet is to remember the attacks that leave him with a recovery period, such as when he does a heavy swing and doesn’t connect. This will grant you enough time to attack a few times then back off.

If you’ve survived till he reaches about 75% - 50% health, he will start using his magic. This comes in a few forms, orbs from the sky that rain down, orbs from outside that smash inwards from behind you and a frontal blast right from Manus himself. This is where the Silver Pendant will be used. When you see him begin these magic attacks start spamming that Silver Pendant as the attack will be rendered useless. Timing the Pendant can be difficult though so simply spamming it as soon as you see him begin his magic attack is best. Be wary though as sometimes the magic from above can get caught on the protection sphere the Pendant provides. If it does, when the Pendant stops working try to dodge away to the side as quickly as possible.

STEP 2 Black Dragon Kalameet An optional boss that you first meet on a bridge in the Royal Wood. The second Interaction is a wipeout. Kalameet will fly across the skies and breathe his black fire, destroying everyone who tries to, say, enter his lair. Your third attempt, now that Gough has shot down the dragon for you, is the true fight.

Kalameet's attacks are like a fusion of Fire and Dark. His physical attacks are normal enough, however should he breath flame at you it will be black and will punch right through your defences, so you’ll just need to get out of range for his fire attacks.

He has one more unique attack. Should he raise up onto his haunches and a shrill ringing be heard, Kalameet is attempting to imbue Calamity on you. Calamity is a status effect the Dragon places upon you if caught in his grip that causes double damage to be taken. Obviously no one wants to be taking double damage against a Dragon so avoid this. The tell is clear but it’s effect range is hard to judge so just don’t hang around if he rises onto his back legs. You’ll know if you have been impacted by Calamity as an Icon will be floating over your head.

Your best bet is to stick quite close to Kalameet and whittle him down with attacks this way, venturing a little further out if you're spell based. Staying too far away will cause swooping attacks that will ignore your shield and fire attacks that are hard to evade. Close up however his attacks are blockable and evadable whilst his fire will have clear tells that should give you time to clear out. Stay away from his front and things will be much safer, relatively.

Even with the best of plans, Kalameet is a matter of trial and error mixed with some luck. Take your time and do your best to learn from him. His tail can be cut off for the Obsidian Greatsword, however this is hard to do, especially on your own.

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