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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 2Guide

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David Hull / Sun 6th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 2

Welcome back to the second instalment in our guide to the bosses of Dark Souls. Today we venture into the Cathedral on our way to the first bell, then down into the forest to meet the fauna.

STEP 1 Bell Gargoyles One of the toughest fights for a new player, The Bell Gargoyles, are not only a difficult obstacle, but defeating them is a good barometer for how your character is doing, and how well your character is progressing.

Before we enter the fight, keep in mind that Solaire of Astora and Knight Lautrec of Carim are available to be summoned to help, their summon signs are located near the ladder leading to the fog door.

Now, to the fight. Walk on through and you’ll be treated to a large weaponised Gargoyle flying down to shoo you away. Fighting him one on one is not too complex, in fact, his moves are fairly easily dodged and/or blocked. Simply roll away or resist his Halberd attacks and keep an eye on his fire breath and you’ll be ok. Until the second Gargoyle comes down.

The second one is only at half health however now you have two enemies to deal with. Their pattern will stay fairly similar from here with one gargoyle staying back and breathing fire and the other going in for physical assaults. Your best bet is to pick a target and not stop until that one target is dead. Switching back and forth will draw out the fight and simply overcomplicate it.

Keep a close eye on who is attacking and who is breathing fire, whittle down your chosen enemy and once it is dead, the fight goes back to its original form. Of course, this fight is made much easier with the help of Solaire and Lautrec, however it’s always good to try these fights on your own first, then seek help when you feel too overwhelmed.

STEP 2 Moonlight Butterfly Whilst this boss is fairly defenceless, it's very awkward. Your arena here is a narrow sliver of bridge with your adversary hogging the skies. For characters that have picked up a bow and some arrows, firebombs or are magic based, this fight will not be as daunting, however if you are simply man/woman with sword and shield, life will be tough.

So, down floats the pretty little Moonlight Butterfly. Its attacks are all magic-based and can cause severe damage, some being able to outright kill you at this stage in your character's life. A shield with high magic defence is crucial or being able to effectively dodge its attacks. It will attack either by shooting magic darts at you, magic balls that track you, a magic laser that goes from right to left, a magic blast that it releases down on top of you when it changes sides of the bridge and another when it has finished feeding on moss.

As I said, if you have ranged abilities simply wait for a chance and fire away. Don’t get greedy, but you should be fine to simply rain down hell on it with minimal risk. Should you be a melee combatant, defend against its attacks or evade them until it floats down and starts nibbling on the bridge.

It’s completely open to attack at this point so hack away. Be careful though, as mentioned there is a magic explosion it releases when it's finished eating.

The difficulty will come down to how well you can survive its entirely magic attack set given how small of a magic defence you will have at this point of the game. However, should you return to the Undead Asylum and face off against Oscar, Knight of Astora (the knight who gave you your first Estus Flask) you will be able to obtain the Crest Shield. This shield has 80% Magic defence which is extremely high and will make the Moonlight Butterfly’s attacks mere bug bites.

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