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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 6Guide

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David Hull / Mon 7th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 6

The path to Lost Izilith is littered with boss encounters. Let's begin this trial by fire with the first two of the four encounters.

STEP 1 Ceaseless Discharge Another boss that isn’t hostile at first, the Ceaseless Discharge will only get mad when you attack it or if you collect the armour on the podium just past where he is clinging to the wall.

Engaging this molten oddity is extremely dangerous, especially if you have already died to it once and need to come back. His main attack arm will do catastrophic damage to you, if it doesn’t just kill you outright. A smashing attack with this gargantuan tendril though leaves it open for a string of attacks, so unleash your rage when it is immobile. In fact, as long as you stay moving it should never hit you.

What you do need to be wary of is its ability to suddenly do a second smash after the first with no warning. The second attack has much better tracking, so make sure to leave yourself enough room to get out of reach in case it does this second smash. Sometimes it will also swing its other arm across the arena horizontally, which should be dodged through. The wind up is long and obvious so you’ll have time to prepare.

Staying at range is why it becomes a problem should you die. At long range Ceaseless Discharge will smash his arm down in line with you but adding an extremely damaging and far reaching fire blast along with it. This attack used on someone in the main arena is concerning but avoidable. Used on someone going through the fog gate is maddening as he will likely be able to get one attack off before you reach the crossroads to get out of his line of sight.

Should you be in this predicament, run as fast as you can from the fog gate to the first right hand turn and head through the small path. Getting as far from him as you can, then try to plan your getting closer to him and leading him out to a more roomy place to fight. Easier said than done, but there isn't much choice.

There is also another way to kill him. Regardless of how you begin the fight, face off against the Discharge by either taking the Golden Hemmed set or luring him to the site. Wait for him to take his arm out from his chest, leaving a gaping wound. Now, sprint all the way back to the fog gate and press up against it. Over comes Ceaseless Discharge and he’ll attempt a big jumping attack, only to be left clinging on to the edge of the ledge. This attack can damage you greatly so prevent that damage if you can. Attack the limb and eventually he’ll fall to his death. Undignified, but done.

STEP 2 Demon Firesage Another Stray Demon! Except this time it’s on fire. Don’t worry though, it is the same as the one below the Undead Asylum. Dodge his attacks, block his magic if necessary and smack him in the bum. Things are a little harder here given the smaller confines but if you’ve beaten him under the Undead Asylum it won’t be that much different.

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