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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 8Guide

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David Hull / Mon 7th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 8

Out of the fire and into the grave. Pinwheel and Nito couldn't be further apart in ability, however they stand between you and a Lord Soul so let's do this.

STEP 1 Pinwheel Regardless of when you fight Pinwheel he’s a bit of a joke. His attacks are magic and do a lot of damage especially to a low health character, however they are easy to evade and he is simple to hit for high damage. It’s unlikely you’ll suffer many deaths to this fellow, if any.

However, don’t let him live too long as he spawns copies of himself constantly that have the same powers he does. There may come a point where you’ll be overwhelmed with Pinwheels and not even know who the true Pinwheel is.

Should you feel the need, Paladin Leeroy is available to be summoned from outside the Boss arena. His sign can be reached by heading down to the Prowling/Titanite Demon’s location. In the area just outside where the skeletons and floating skulls are, jump down from the lower side and you should land just above the Skeleton Wheels.

STEP 2 Gravelord Nito Another awkward fight, Gravelord Nito can be either simple or difficult. Being a master of death, Nito acts much like a Necromancer in the Catacombs. Inside his lair are Skeletons that will attack you upon dropping down into the fight. These skeletons are not killable unless you have a Divine weapon. Should you possess one, killing a Skeleton with it will render them completely dead, not mostly dead. Astora’s Straight Sword, Silver Knight Spear, any weapon you have imbued with Divine will do the job, however they use Divine scaling meaning that relying on them to kill the Skeletons and defeat Nito are inadvisable unless you have high Faith.

Upon dropping down, skeletons will roll up and start attacking. Also, if he so choses, Nito will spike his sword through the ground, sending a spectral blade right underneath you, doing noticeable damage and building toxin. This can be dodged by waiting a few seconds after hearing Nitos scream then rolling to the side. There is a fairly wide gap for evading the attack so you should be able to learn the timing fairly quickly.

Don’t leave the initial landing site. The arena is circular and on the other side are larger Skeletons that will cause too much trouble to survive along with Nito and his minions. Stand your ground and lure Nito close. When Nito arrives, his attacks are fairly easy to evade. Should skeletons still be around, let them be hit by Nito and they will be knocked down over and over as they aren’t immune to Nito’s sword arm. Watch out for a Dark Magic blast that Nito will launch, detectable by Nito crouching down as if he has some stomach pains.

Given his slowness and easy to evade attacks, fight him how you choose, just don’t let Skeletons get the better of you. If you have a Divine weapon, well, you’ll be finished in a few minutes.

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