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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 9Guide

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David Hull / Mon 7th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls Boss Guide - Part 9

We're closing in on the end. Three more bosses stand between you and victory so let's jump straight in.

STEP 1 Seath the Scaleless The first time we meet Seath he’s perched on his crystal podium, laughing at our futile attempts to fight him, then he kills you.

The second time is down in his Crystal Caves. The cutscene will show a brief shot of a shiny crystal ahead of you before Seath swoops in. This crystal is the source of his immortality. Shattering it with any attack will render him vulnerable to your assault. As soon as Seath enters the room, sprint forward and knock down his crystal.

With Seath now attackable, go nuts. His attacks are long winded, inaccurate and unless he boxes you into a corner, he’s not a great threat. Keep an eye out for his crystal attacks as they cover the floor whilst building up curse. One in particular will knock you down over and over until it goes away, doing damage simultaneously. This can be seen when Seath curls his head and arms down towards his stomach.

He is blind but that doesn’t seem to be used to any effect as a mechanic. Simply attack his belly when you can and evade his attacks. Should you want the Moonlight Greatsword you’ll have a harder time. His central tail behind him needs to be cut off at the tip to acquire it and his tail attacks are devastating. Summoning a friend will make this easier as you can split his attention.

STEP 2 Four Kings Another complex fight, especially for those who aren’t overly aggressive. The Four Kings are a repeating boss that will constantly spawn to a maximum of four. Should one die, or you simply let it live, you have a limited amount of time before another shows up. That said, they share one health pool so even though four may exist at once, they are all one enemy in a way. Also, this boss arena will kill you if you aren’t wearing the Covenant of Artorias. This is gained by killing the boss Sif, The Great Grey Wolf.

So, jump down into the Abyss. After a few moments the first King shall appear. Scan the darkness as he spawns a fair distance away. The King's main attacks are basic sword swings either direction and some pokes. However they do magic damage as well as physical and along with these, he can explode with magic in an area of effect attack, fire magical seeking missiles and grab you and suck the life (Humanity and Health) out of you. Not to mention you’re on the clock.

So, you have to be aggressive. Causing as much damage as quickly as possible without constantly being drained of Stamina is essential. Casting the Pyromancy Power Within will increase your damage substantially at the cost of health whilst buffing your weapon with a resin will also help. For magic users, keep at a distance and make sure to don the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and/or the Crown of Dusk, boosting your spell power to obscene levels. Anything to kill a King before one becomes two.

Your weapon of choice won’t matter unless it is severely underpowered in which case some upgrading may be in order, or just buying lots of resins. Make sure to wear the Grass Crest Shield and if you’re able, throw on that Chloranthy Ring for extra stamina regeneration. Highest possible damage as fast as possible with as greater stamina regeneration as possible.

There is a summon available to help you with this fight. However, you can only summon her if you summoned her for the Moonlight Butterfly fight. Should you bring her into the fight, the Boss's health will be increased to the point that she will become a hinderance to you. If she dies you are left with a extended Boss health pool and if you find it difficult already, something like more health for your foe could prove insurmountable. Her attacks are not all that deadly either, thus, Four Kings are best done solo.

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