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Dark Souls II Boss Guide - Part 22Guide

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David Hull / Sat 19th Mar 2016
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Dark Souls II Boss Guide - Part 22

Our final confrontation in Dark Souls 2. This Boss is definitely unlike anything we've faced yet.

STEP 1 Burnt Ivory King - Charred Army Burnt Ivory king is more of a spectacle, but a fun one.

The boss itself is available as soon as you reach the Cathedral past Aava, however before the Ivory King arrives, you must fight his Charred Knights. At your disposal are a possible four Loyce Knights to aid you. This can go two ways, first, you simply jump down as soon as you unlock the boss and fight, this will require you to fight all the Charred Knights with only one Loyce Knight at your side. This also means that you will have a constant stream of Charred Knights arriving even when the King arrives. The second way is to find the other three Loyce Knights scattered throughout Eleum Loyce to help you. If all four Knights follow you down you are able to fight the Charred Knight, extinguish each Chaos Portal and cease the flood of Charred Knights when the King arrives. The choice is yours.

If you have chosen to go it alone, well, good luck. This method won’t be covered here as it is suicide for a new player.

Anyway, with our shiny Loyce Knights at our side, let’s jump down. The fight until the Burnt Ivory King arrives is just a group assault. Your Knights fight Charred Knights and gradually your Knights will sacrifice themselves to the Chaos Portals. Be careful as the Charred Knights are ruthless, switching aggro at the drop of a hat and have awkward attack range. Work with your Knights and let them soak up the damage as they are here to die anyway. Try to clean up what they leave behind.

STEP 2 Burnt Ivory King As the final Portal is encased in Ice, the Ivory King will arrive in the middle rear of the arena. A large flaming Chaos Portal will reveal your foe and he will stride out to fight you. Generally you’ll have one more Loyce Knight left so let him lead the fight.

The King’s attacks are based on big hits for high damage with hard to follow motion. He will regularly leap up into the air and twist down to slice you, he will thrust himself through you and do other fairly flamboyant Greatsword attacks. His Magic stage is very dangerous as his sword becomes more powerful and he unlocks some extra moves. When in Magic mode, he can now magic stab you which is extremely deadly as he thrusts into you, raises you up then throws you like a dish towel across the arena. His other Magic mode move comes from the King shoving his sword into the ground followed by shards of ice erupting around him, less deadly but still not worth letting hit you.

Luckily his attacks are all telegraphed fairly well. Let the Loyce Knights do the heavy lifting at first with you sliding in to attack while the King is distracted. Staying fairly close works as his sword is well endowed and he can’t swing it particularly close. Of course the damage isn’t effected but it’s simply easier to have him whiff an attack over your head and for you to retaliate.

When he goes into magic mode take extra precautions. His magic will break through your shield like any effect that isn’t 100% resistant on your shield. If he attempts to thrust at you, just dodge it sideways. This is why I find being closer easier as at range he can clip you into the thrust despite his actual reach, at a closer range he does this much less. Always keep track of the Ivory King. His attacks can often cause him to wind up with a leap into the air or by going so far past you so quickly you’ll break lock on.

Again, let your Knight guide you. After a fight with the Charred army he will be weakened, perhaps severely, but can do some acceptable damage to the King before finally being vanquished. Work as a team and when he is dead, take what you’ve learned in those few minutes to take over. Take as many summons as you’d like. Lucatiel of Mirrah and Twiggy Shei are ready and raring to go just outside and within the Cathedral main hall.

And with that, we are done. From the Bonfire in Majula you may wish to start your journey all over again and improve upon what you've learned, or make an entirely unique method of success. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to dissecting and revealing the most effective methods of victory in Dark Souls 3.

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