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Fallout 4 Easy Loot GuideGuide

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Eamon Ward / Sat 28th Jan 2017
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Fallout 4 Easy Loot Guide

You've just arrived in the wasteland and a new, hostile world awaits. You've got your jumpsuit, a 10-millimeter pistol and a baton and that just won't do.
All you want is a suit of power armour, a minigun and a .44 Magnum - but you don't want to have to deal with Preston Garvey. This is the guide for you.

STEP 1 First, you've got to leave the vault. From there, head to the Red Rocket. Feel free to chat with Codsworth and pick up Dog Meat along the way.

STEP 2 From the Red Rocket, travel northeast following the bank of the lake. A little bit inland you'll find a skeleton leaning against a pipe with various items, including the .44, scattered about him. Bear in mind it has only five rounds and you're not likely to stumble across more anytime soon.

STEP 3 Continue northeast until you find a crashed vertibird. In front of the cockpit you'll find a suit of power armour, albeit one without a fusion core. It's not vital but it will come in handy, provided you can handle the slow movement and constant beeping.

STEP 4 Travel east until you reach USAF Satellite Station Olivia. Here you'll find a bunker. Within the bunker are a number of bandits and one Ack-Ack, their minigun wielding leader.

STEP 5 Once you've cleared the bunker, take a look around. There's a fusion core, a number of weapons and, (if you find the key or hack the terminal) access to a room with a safe, a mini-nuke and a copy of the U.S. Cover Operations Manual. Now you're fully equipped to tackle the wasteland and you haven't even levelled up yet. Things can only get better from here.

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