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Fire Emblem: Heroes - Item Guide Guide

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Jared Prestwidge / Sat 25th Feb 2017
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Fire Emblem: Heroes - Item Guide

Fire Emblem: Heroes has been out for a while now for everybody to enjoy. With it came our favourite characters, relatively simple-yet-enjoyable gameplay, but also disappointingly limited direction and information on certain items and functions. 

So from us here at Game Shark Reviews, we give you our comprehensive guide on the items of Fire: Emblem Heroes.

STEP 1 ORBS: Let’s start off with orbs, since they’re the item with the widest spread in terms of usability. Orbs are predominately used to purchase new characters for you to wield, as well as to upgrade your castle to earn more EXP in battle; fill up your stamina meter and to prevent a game over when your army is overwhelmed.

You mostly earn your orbs by completing main campaign missions, but unfortunately you are only awarded one regardless of any difficulty. Luckily for us, Nintendo helps us out in the beginning of the game by giving up 20 orbs, plus various app-release events and weekend logins grant us one or two along the way. Also be on the lookout for special maps and monthly quests, which can reward you with a number of orbs as well.

STEP 2 SHARDS & CRYSTALS: Shards and Crystals are what you can use to help level up your characters. They come in different colours that power up its specific class, although universal shards and crystals can power any unit.

Shards power up allies from level 1 to 19, while crystals cover those that’re level 20 and higher. Earn the coloured shards and crystals by playing at the Training Tower, and complete main story quests for your universals.

STEP 3 BADGES & HERO FEATHERS: If you’re really unlucky (like me) and are unable to nab those 5 star characters from the summoning ritual, you can use Badges and Hero Feathers to unlock an ally’s potential. Similar to shards and crystals, badges come in different colours depending on class. Ordinary Badges unlock the potential for allies 3 stars or lower, while Great Badges do the same for 4 stars.

Badges are available at the training tower, with Great Badges only available from the sixth stratum or higher. Different coloured badges are available, depending on the day. Now you can spend all your time accumulating your badges in order to get your 5 star ally, but you won’t be getting anywhere without Hero Feathers. In order to unlock an ally’s potential, you must meet a specific quota of badges and hero feathers, then you’re rewarded with your buffed up prize.

By starting a challenge at the arena, you can be on your way to earning your Hero Feathers. Complete a streak and you’re rewarded with a good number of them. You can also earn your feathers by talking to an ally at the home screen displaying hearts, and by sending an ally home. If you get stuck with a few low powered chumps, send them home for a small sum.

STEP 4 STAMINA POTIONS, DUELING CRESTS and LIGHT'S BLESSINGS: Dueling crests, Stamina potions and Light’s Blessings are pretty rare items, mostly gained by completing monthly challenges.

Stamina is an absolute necessity if you're looking to spend extended periods of time playing Fire Emblem: Heroes. Your Stamina is depleted every time you play a match, at varying levels depending on the difficulty. Your Stamina replenishes on it's own in just under five hours, but if you're in the zone, empty a Stamina Potion to continue your trail of dominance.

Dueling Swords are basically your ammo for playing in the Arena. Unfortunately you're only able to carry three swords at a time, which limits your play to three matches. Considering you need a seven win streak to earn your sweet, sweet Hero Feathers, using up a Dueling Crest can keep your momentum going.

Light's Blessings are basically the 'get out of jail free card' of Fire Emblem: Heroes. If you come up against a formidable enemy and your army is wiped out, a Light's Blessing can be used to replenish your health while keeping the damage you've already inflicted on your foe.

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