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HITMAN - How to complete the Silent Assassin, Suit OnlyGuide

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Josiah Roche / Sun 20th Mar 2016
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HITMAN - How to complete the Silent Assassin, Suit Only

This guide can be performed in many different ways. I will show you how I completed this challenge and how to complete it within 15 minutes.

STEP 1 Set the mission to 'The Showstopper'. Make sure all weapons are unequipped; only wield the coin and the fibrewire. Set the starting location to 'Main Entrance' and last but not least, wear 47's signature suit.

STEP 2 Once you begin the mission, head on over to the bathroom where the IAGO invitation is. If you don't know where this is, please direct to our 'HITMAN - Where to find the IAGO Invitation' guide.

STEP 3 Proceed through the back entrance past the bar area; showing the guards the invitation.

STEP 4 Show the additional guards the invitation and head upstairs to the second floor.

STEP 5 Get frisked by the third set of guards before proceeding to the third floor.

STEP 6 Enter the attic room behind where the auction staff member is standing.

STEP 7 Walk over to the first window on the right, vault.

STEP 8 Climb over to Dalia's bathroom.

STEP 9 Turn on the radio to distract the guard in the next room.

STEP 10 Make sure you lure the guard and then knock him out from behind.

STEP 11 Dump his body.

STEP 12 Turn off the radio immediately.

STEP 13 Wait for a few minutes till Dalia and her man-slave walk into the room.

STEP 14 Quickly equip your coin.

STEP 15 Throw it here.

STEP 16 Dalia will walk over to the coin.

STEP 17 Quickly knock out the man out before she walks over to the coin.

STEP 18 Equip the trusty ol' fibrewire.

STEP 19 Hastily approach her from behind and assassinate her before she walks away from the coin. Dump both bodies.

STEP 20 Now for Victor. Climb back through where you entered from the attic.

STEP 21 Come back to where the auctioneer staff member is standing.

STEP 22 Proceed downstairs.

STEP 23 Proceed to the first floor where you came from.

STEP 24 Go back to the bar area.

STEP 25 Head towards the room before the IAGO invitation, trigger the alarm.

STEP 26 Run towards the entrance where the side door is. This should take you downstairs to the basement area.

STEP 27 Once Victor walks back upstairs after the alarm scare, throw a coin to distract them both.

STEP 28 As Victor ignores the coin and walks upstairs, quickly knock-out his guard.

STEP 29 Assassinate Victor with fibrewire before he reaches the top of the stairs.

STEP 30 Dump both bodies.

STEP 31 Exit the mission.

STEP 32 Well done. This grants you three of the most difficult challenges to complete in 'The Showstopper'.

STEP 33 This can be completed much faster, though once you have acquired the Auction room starting location, you can complete the other challenges must easier. Enjoy!

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