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Hitman - How to infiltrate GAMA in four easy steps! Guide

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Christopher Jarvis / Sun 12th Mar 2017
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Hitman - How to infiltrate GAMA in four easy steps!

HITMAN: Episode 6 is different from the others, because even with Opportunities, it's not entirely obvious how to get out of the public areas where there is less room to move. 

If you're completely stuck or just looking for a change from your usual methods, here are four ways to get into some of the less secure areas of GAMA.

STEP 1 Quite possibly the loudest method listed here: start a fight. If you knock out the security guard who stands outside your room, lots of people will see and start panicking.

Grab his gun then duck back into your room and prepare for a firefight. It doesn't have to become a fight, though, if you hide around a corner ready to grab an unsuspecting guard.

The point of this fight is to steal someone's outfit while no-one else is looking. This is why 47's room is a good place to start - it's cut off from everywhere else, where nobody can see you killing and disguising.

STEP 2 Down the corridor, there is a cable car which Yuki and 47 can both use to escape. If you're unconcerned about staying silent, you can generally get away with pushing one of the two guards off the balcony before knocking out the other one.

This gives you a chance to steal the second one's uniform and maybe even dump the body before anyone comes to investigate the inevitable gunshots fired by the second guard.

STEP 3 One of the Opportunities requires 47 to dress up as Jason Portman and go to his appointment in the hospital part of GAMA. But the Opportunity doesn't explain how to get Portman alone.

The spot pictured isn't necessarily the best spot, considering he eventually goes into a bathroom. But for the impatient, you can knock him out here while he stares out the window and then get dressed when the shocked people run to get help. Just make sure there aren't any security guards within range.

STEP 4 Probably the easiest way in is sneaking into the kitchen as pictured. There's a number of chefs floating around this area, but if you avoid the one who stands at the top of the stairs occasionally, you should be able to stay low and avoid everyone else who might see something.

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