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How to find the Quomo Shrine - ZeldaGuide

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Sharna Barker / Thu 11th May 2017
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How to find the Quomo Shrine - Zelda

With 120 shrines in Breath of the Wild, it's guaranteed that there are going to be some that are just a little difficult to find. There's no shame in asking for help when it comes to some of the more trickier shrines in this game and here's a guide to one that may just be your saving grace.

STEP 1 The first big challenge of the To Quomo Shrine is actually finding it. From the sensor and various maps it seems like it’s in the mountain. The actual shine is, but the entrance to it is located at the base of Hebra North Summit. Here is the location on the map:

STEP 2 To get to the actual shrine, you’ll need to knock down two fairly large doors. If you climb up the slope in front of the doors, once at the top you’ll notice several snowballs. Your job is to push one down so it knocks down the doors.

STEP 3 An obstacle to stop the snowball is a gap that has some water in the base. Equip the Cryonis rune and create an ice block roughly in the centre.

STEP 4 At the top of the slope, pick up a large snowball and drop it down the slope. It will roll and open the doors. Once it does, you can enter the mountain to find the shrine.

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