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How to play: Heroes Vs Villains -SW:BFGuide

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Michael McSorley / Wed 17th Feb 2016
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How to play: Heroes Vs Villains -SW:BF

Heroes Vs Villains is a great mode that encourages teamwork and tactics to gain the upper hand, though many players get instantly killed by a Hero or die instantly as one. Here’s a few tips and strategies to dominate in Heroes Vs Villains.

STEP 1 Choose the right loadout

Having the correct loadout makes all the difference between life and death. If you have enough credits, use the Jetpack, Homing Shot and Explosive Shot. Upgrade them to decrease their refresh time. Each are tactically catered for different scenarios:

Jetpack – Reaching high vantage points and escaping when a Hero or Soldier gets too close.

Homing Shot – Shooting enemies from a great distance to inflict a huge amount of damage. It's best used when a Hero is surrounded by others for the explosion to damage (or kill) the surrounding players for maximum points.

Explosive Shot – When you have a clear shot of a Hero, using this will significantly increase your laser impact and inflict incredible amounts of damage, giving you more points. This is also great for gaining the upper hand when in a firefight with another player.

STEP 2 Stick with your teammates

This is perhaps the most important step, though one that a lot of players forget.

Going against the opposing team alone as a Soldier or Hero will almost always end in you dying. The best strategy is for all Heroes and Soldiers to stick together as it makes it very easy to kill the enemy player who tries to attack.

Even if your teammates run off in different directions, follow a Hero as they will be the focus of attention and allow you to shoot the enemy while they aren’t focused on you.

Use the middle section of the map to your advantage

All of the maps in this mode are designed where the middle section is a large open area with paths on either side leading to the opposite end of the map, usually blocked by walls or terrain.

Majority of the time when players (either Hero or Soldier) run straight down the middle, they either take damage or die from the opposing team who can easily see them. Unless you know the enemy isn’t aiming their sights down the middle section, it’s best to go around the outskirts and flank them.

If you see the opposing team running down the middle however, it’s a good opportunity to use an explosive weapon, such as the Homing Shot, Bobba Fett’s Rocket or Han Solo’s Lucky Shot as there is little cover for them to hide.

STEP 3 Always choose Hero Bodyguard when an option

Whenever you die, you may see a new option showing a Hero Bodyguard (On the Rebels you spawn on Leia, on the Imperials you spawn on The Emperor).

The Rebel Guards use a Blaster Rifle and the Imperial ones have a Long Range Rifle (both sides also carry a Smart Rocket and Homing Shot).

The Bodyguards are essentially Soldiers who have Hero health and damage, which make them incredibly useful in soaking up damage while inflicting more on your enemies.

STEP 4 Stand your ground when fighting a Hero

A lot of people tend to flee when confronted by a Hero in hopes of surviving, only to die moments later when they chase after you. More than likely you’re going to snuff it when in a close proximity to one (unless you manage to escape using the jetpack) so you might as well pump them full of laser-blasted lead before getting killed.

This tip is especially useful when playing as a Bodyguard since it takes the Heroes a few hits to kill them.

Don’t worry about your K/D ratio as you can make up for it when playing as a Hero (see step 6 for tips on how to play as a Hero).

STEP 5 Players often think that the more kills they have, the higher their score will be. This only somewhat true. Yes, you could go around and kill as many Soldier players as possible to get a high score, but it all depends on how much time per round you have. More often than not, the rounds are over in under two minutes, which simply isn’t enough to gain a high kill count.

This mode is all about damaging the heroes and as such, you gain a lot of points from attacking them. On average you get 150 points for killing a Soldier, however using the Explosive Charge and shooting a Hero, you can gain the same amount of points after only about two seconds of shooting them.

This is why it’s important to stick with your Hero teammates as they will be the focus of attention, allowing you to shoot the opposing Heroes and gain hundreds of points.

STEP 6 Playing as a Hero:

Han Solo

Han Solo is arguably the most powerful Hero as his abilities inflict some of the highest damage. Since he can’t block or jump high distances, he is best used for attacking enemies from a distance. His abilities are best used for:

Shoulder Charge – When your blaster / other abilities are cooling down or you want to escape a firefight. Though this ability doesn’t create much damage, it’s good at briefly stunning the enemy player.

Rapid Fire – When shooting another Hero or surrounded by multiple enemies. Activate this ability when the round starts or as soon as the cooldown is finished. Don’t worry about activating it when no enemies are around as the ability timer doesn’t start until after the first shot is fired.

Lucky Shot – When shooting enemies from a distance or when your blaster / other abilities are cooling down. This ability creates an explosive shot that inflicts a ton of damage so it’s best saved for a Hero or Hero Bodyguard. It also tracks enemies when shot in close proximity to them so don’t be waste time aiming directly onto them.

Princess Leia Organa

Leia is more of a support class and is best when she sticks with other Heroes as she will almost always die when confronted by an opposing Hero. Her abilities are best used for:

Trooper Bane - When shooting inside of the Enhanced Squad Shield or stunning Heroes. This is a powerful single blast that kills Soldier enemies in one hit as well as briefly stunning opposing Heroes. It’s has a very slow fire rate so it’s best used from a distance or when an enemy is focused on another teammate.

Enhanced Squad Shield – When wanting protection from blaster fire. This acts the same as a regular Squad Shield except its only disappears once you activate a new one. Is best used when being fired upon from multiple enemies or wanting a safe place to Heal yourself or other Heroes. The shield protects against firearms but not explosive weapons.

Supply Drop – When you need to heal yourself or other Heroes. Is best used when away from enemies or in the Enhanced Squad Shield. Be careful not to simply place it anywhere as the opposing Heroes can pick it up and gain health.

Luke Skywalker

Luke is very fast and powerful but takes a lot of damage from firearms so is best used for taking on one enemy at a time. The best strategy is to run around the outskirts of the map and sneak up on enemy players from behind. His abilities are best used for:

Force Push – When surrounded by multiple enemies or want to briefly stun a Hero. This is a one-hit kill for Soldier enemies and has a fairly wide spread of attack. It can also be used while jumping to damage players from high vantage points such as Bobba Fett.

Heavy Strike – When attacking a Hero or Hero Bodyguard. This causes the most damage out of any other Hero abilities (other than Darth Vader’s heavy strike) and is best used when a Hero is stunned or focused on something else as it can be blocked.

Saber Rush – When attacking someone running away, moving a large distance or escaping a fight. This ability is a one hit kill for Soldier enemies.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a slow moving Hero but has great abilities for attacking Soldier players. The best strategy for him is sticking with other Heroes or attacking Soldiers when going solo. His abilities are best used for:

Force Choke – When you want to stun a Hero or stop a Soldier / Hero Bodyguard from firing at you. This ability lifts the Solder enemy into the air temporarily, allowing you or another teammate to take them down. After a certain time, the choked player will die so you can walk away without having to finish them off. Is especially useful when they are surrounded by enemies.

Heavy Strike – When attacking another Hero or Hero Bodyguard. This has the same effect as Luke Skywalker’s Heavy Strike. Is best used on a Hero when they are stunned or not focused on you as it can be blocked.

Saber Throw – When attacking an enemy from a medium distance. This ability is best used when an enemy is either running away or when they aren’t close enough to attack with your regular saber attack. It also briefly stuns Heroes.

Bobba Fett

Bobba Fett is the one of the best Hero because of his jetpack which allows him to gain high vantage points and escape from fights easily. The best strategy for him is to attack from a distance since he will almost always lose when confronted by another Hero on the ground. His abilities are best used for:

Jetpack – When escaping a fight or to reach a high vantage point. This ability is probably the best out of all the Heroes as it allows you to reach areas on the map that others cannot get to. Be sure to only use it when needed as you fall to the ground once the ability runs out, making you incredibly vulnerable.

Flame Thrower – When attacking enemies that are in close proximity and narrow areas. This ability does a lot of damage but you need to be accurate as it will only damage the enemy if you’re aiming directly at them. Is best used when your blaster is overheated.

Wrist Rocket – When shooting enemies from a far distance. This ability essentially acts as a powerful grenade and can travel any distance until it hits an enemy / object. It needs to land in very close proximity to the enemy for any damage to happen.

Emperor Palpatine

The Emperor is arguably the weakest of the Heroes in terms of damage but his abilities have a faster cooldown rate to make up for this. The best strategy for him is to stick with other Heroes or Hero Bodyguards and attack enemies not focused on him. His abilities are best used for:

Chain Lightning – When surrounded by multiple enemies or attacking an enemy from a medium range. This ability is especially useful when attacking Soldier enemies as it kills the surrounding players of the one you hit.

Imperial Resources – When you want to heal yourself or other Heroes. This acts the same as Leia’s Supply Drop. Be careful not to place it anywhere as the opposing Heroes can pick it up and gain health.

Force Dash – When wanting to escape a fight, reach a high vantage point or avoid damage from a Hero. This ability refreshes at a fast rate and is a great ability when attacking another enemy as you can dash behind them and attack without taking as much damage.

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