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N.Sanity Beach Gem GuideGuide

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Callum Corcut / Mon 24th Jul 2017
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N.Sanity Beach Gem Guide

In this guide, I will be showing you how to easily obtain the very first gem available in the N. Sane Trilogy! This is not a coloured gem, so it's possible to still grab the gem after dying on the level. All that is required is that you bash every box.

STEP 1 At the beginning of the level, you start out on a nice beach front. Continue on avoiding/battling the crabs and grabbing the boxes until you get to the stairs.

STEP 2 Now as you ascend up these stairs you will immeadiately notice a steel box, my first instinct was there had to be some kind of activation mechanism on the level in order to transform it back into a regular box. Thankfully this is not the case. It has no purpose and you can continue upwards without fear of having to come back down.

STEP 3 Now this is where you shall reach the checkpoint. Make sure to grab the Aku Aku mask because you will soon be facing a forked path.

STEP 4 This is where the game will force you to progress left or right. I recommend going left, it is relatively easy as there are only a few turtles you have to zip past. Once you have killed the turtles and collected the boxes slowly come back through the left path. Try to remember which direction the turtles are walking and jump over them until you get back to the fork.

STEP 5 Now this is the tricky part. Come forward until you reach the box with the exclamation mark. Once you have hit it new boxes will appear. I would suggest using the D-pad in this bridge section or being very gentle with the analogue stick. The key is not to panic and not to jump too far forward each time you destroy a box. Just lightly nudge the analogue stick forward each time you land on a box and you will be across in no time.

STEP 6 The one annoying part of the level is definitely the bridge. Take note that if you die on the bridge you will have to retrieve all the upcoming boxes once again. Repeat the past two steps if that happens. Once you have conquered the bridge you will find a nice shiny gem. Well done!

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