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N.Sanity Beach Relic GuideGuide

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Callum Corcut / Fri 4th Aug 2017
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N.Sanity Beach Relic Guide

This guide will help you achieve the gold relic on the very first level of the remastered Crash 1. Despite N.Sanity Beach being the opening level, it has a very tight time limit of 28 seconds. This guide will demonstrate how to easily hit that time restriction and nab that first golden relic!

STEP 1 To start the run you will need to dash through the timer and make sure to smash the first Aku Aku box. You will be needing all three masks in order to get close to the time limit.

STEP 2 The first 3 second box is essential here. Don't be tempted to land on the arrow to smash the box, that will eat away a precious second or two. All you need to do is get right next to the arrow (as shown) and jump up and spin the 3 second box.

STEP 3 You will now come across the second crab. It is imperative that you hit the crab forwards into the Aku Aku mask and the 1 second box behind it. This will allow you to scale the stairs a lot quicker without having to stop for the two necessary boxes.

STEP 4 When you get to this section you will need to jump onto the lower yellow box and launch yourself up into the next lot of boxes. Make sure to spin as you are in the air to ensure a landing spot.

STEP 5 Now, once you have the final Aku Aku mask you just need to run like a mad man through all the enemies until you get to the fork. Remember to grab the hidden 3 second box behind the pillar and then proceed through the wall of boxes to the right path.

STEP 6 It is very important that you take the right pathway as the bridge will spawn two more time adding boxes that will give you a whopping 6 extra seconds. You don't need to jump on top of them, all you need to do is have the invincible Aku Aku mask on and wait a second after activating the bridge. Once the bridge is about halfway spawned sprint across it and the boxes will automatically implode after you step on them.

STEP 7 If you followed all the steps correctly you should make it to the platform with seconds to spare. It's a tricky run that will require a few tries. Make sure that you are at 11 seconds by the time you are at the top of the stairs and the rest should be straight forward. Good luck and good hunting out there!

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