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Payday 2 - Shadow Raid TipsGuide

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Christopher Jarvis / Sun 24th Jul 2016
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Payday 2 - Shadow Raid Tips

There are few heists in Overkill's popular PAYDAY 2 that must be played stealth only. The most popular of these is Shadow Raid, in which the player must sneak around a warehouse and collect as much loot as possible.Here are some of the most important things you need to know to absolutely ace your Shadow Raid.

STEP 1 Before you start the heist, there are a few things you should buy in Pre-planning. The first of these is thermite paste. A useful place for this is right out the front, near where you spawn. You'll use this to open up the sewers in order to more easily transport bags.

The other essential thing you'll need is the bag zipline on the waterfront. This is in the perfect spot for taking bags from the outdoor area and the upper warehouse. It's also near a sewer grate away from the prying eyes of guards, which makes it the best spot to take loot you find in the warehouse.

Feel free to use your other favours on whatever you'd like. Body bags should be your deployable, so you shouldn't need to drop them, but spycams and loot drop off points are worthwhile.

STEP 2 When you enter the game, you'll want to head around to the left of the warehouse and go down the side. (Don't forget your thermite paste!) Watch out for guards back here, especially in Overkill or Death Wish difficulties. If you're playing the latter, there is almost always a guard patrolling in your path. You may need to climb the ladder of the abandoned warehouse, jump across to the opposite roof, climb onto the higher roof using the air-conditioner unit, and drop off gently onto the nearby shipping container.

Further along the waterfront, you'll see your bag zipline and a doorway to an empty shed. This shed will essentially be your base of operations. It's a good place to drop your body bags unless you want to keep them handy.

Ensuring this area is clear of guards from the start makes the mission a lot easier from this point on.

STEP 3 In this area near the zipline, there is sometimes a ladder which leads to the top floor. It doesn't always spawn, so if it doesn't, there's still a way to get down quickly.

If you stick to the wall, you can jump onto the aircon unit and climb down the various parts of the wall to reach the ground safely. But that's impractical. I personally have the Uppers skill aced, which allows me to come back to life instantly if I die near a first aid bag. So I leave a first aid bag where the ladder usually is, and just fall off. This may or may not work for you.

STEP 4 The thermite paste should be used on the first sewer grate you see coming from the shed - whether that's the one that sometimes appears between that entrance or the warehouse entrance, or the next one along (not the one that faces the riverfront - there's often people watching from the roof, or cameras, so it's not worth it for the shortcut). This will allow you passage between the shed, the warehouse, and just outside the warehouse. Don't use it on the grate nearest the starting point, though - it's unnecessary considering the number of potential entrances to the compound.

If you're in an area such as the warehouse, juggling multiple bags of loot, it may be worth throwing some into the sewer to be returned later (usually to the zipline). Just be aware that if you trigger an alarm, you may not have time in that last 60 seconds before failure to move them to a drop point.

STEP 5 Besides the waterfront, the map can be divided into three major areas - the outdoor area, the warehouse, and the top floor. While packages and crowbars can be found outside these areas and near the waterfront, all the valuable loot is in these areas.

In the outside area, there are many shipping containers you can search for loot - the ones you're looking for are the red ones.

To raid the crates in the warehouse, you'll need a crowbar. If there isn't a crowbar against the wall near the entrance to the shed and the zipline, you can find one in the sewers at a blocked passage or in the kitchen (which is in the warehouse). There are often others around, but these two spots are the most consistent spots to find a crowbar in my experience.

STEP 6 Don't use drills on the doors! In the warehouse, there are a couple of cage doors on both the first floor (which is where you can come out of the sewers) and the second floor (which you can enter via the stairs, the roof, or the ladder by the waterfront if that's spawned). To get in, you either need to drill in or you need keycards, but the number of guards that patrol nearby makes the former impractical.

If you've collected the minimum required number of loot bags, and you can't find any more in the main areas, at that point you might consider getting into these cages. But it is hard work to raid the map of all its' wares, so this rarely happens.

If you're playing on your own, you might consider using a keycard on these doors. But if you're playing with others, it may be worth saving a couple of keycards for the vault. These keycards need to be put into the lock almost simultaneously, but inside the vault is some samurai armour which you can break down into 4 valuable pieces.

Keycards are hard to find, but are often dropped by the guard in the security room (which is on the top floor and requires lockpicking) or by construction workers (if you take them as hostages, you may be detected, so consider killing them for a small penalty).

STEP 7 In the outdoor area, there's a red shipping container on top of two others that can't be reached by conventional means. There's often a crowbar and/or a bag of money in here, so it's often worth getting to. To get up here, climb on top of the barrels behind it to reach the top of the adjacent shipping crate. Then, jump across so you're standing next to the red one. You can open it by facing it through the wall. It's a little bit cheaty, but it seems to be the only way to open it. Then, you can jump back across, and across again into the container.

STEP 8 Partway through the mission, a helicopter may drop a shipping container in the middle of the outside area, near the front gate. While it doesn't always drop, it will always contain a very heavy artifact when it does, so it's a little more effort to sneak out undetected with it. If you are nearby when you get detected and need to run to the exit, it may be worth spending your 60 seconds to carry it all the way to the van.

STEP 9 Patience and practise are key! Guards often stand in the same spot for long periods of time, so it may be tempting to race past behind them and hide before getting detected. But if you're in a safe area, patience will almost always pay off. I've failed Shadow Raid countless times because I was sick of waiting for a guard to move, so I raced away and ran straight into another guard or camera.

As you repeatedly try Shadow Raid, you'll learn more and more where guards patrol, where loot is kept, and how you want to tackle each room. Don't be afraid to fail, because it happens often, and it simply builds your experience with the map.

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