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Payday 2 Weapons GuideGuide

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Eamon Ward / Fri 10th Feb 2017
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Payday 2 Weapons Guide

Payday 2 has dozens of weapons, ranging from tiny pistols to colossal sniper rifles and rocket launchers. With so many choices, it can become difficult to choose which weapons are best for you. Here is a small selection of weapons, along with some alternatives that I choose to bring to the battlefield. Please keep in mind that this guide assumes some, if not all, of the DLC.

STEP 1 The M308 is my go-to ranged weapon for almost any encounter. It has high damage, solid accuracy and stability and rate of fire. While it suffers in the ammo department, this can be aided with the use of Fully Loaded and SureFire.

I run it with The Bigger The Better Suppressor which, when combined with silencer skills, increases the damage output to ridiculous levels. I also use the Scope Mount, Jaeger Body, Military Laser Module and Solar Sight. Sights and lasers are interchangeable with whatever you prefer.

STEP 2 The Eagle Heavy Rifle is a solid all round weapon that, while it doesn't excel in any areas, is perfectly suitable for almost any scenario. While it does have low accuracy, ammo and rate of fire, its damage and stability more than make up for it.

Fired in single shot, you can pop heads all day long and so long as you keep an eye on your ammunition, it won't let you down. I run the Long Barrel, Rail Extension and Pro Grip to aid in accuracy as well as The Bigger The Better Suppressor with silencer skills to increase damage and accuracy.

Again, I use the Military Laser Module and Solar Sight, though these are just my personal favourites. A suitable alternative would be the AMR-16 though it suffers from many of the same problems, and more.

STEP 3 When you want to get sneaky, but don't want to fend for yourself with pistols or a bow, turn to the Valkyria. I run with nothing more than the Prototype Barrel and a See More Sight. It's decent enough for escaping Shadow Raid or holding out during a jewellery heist gone wrong, but don't expect it to turn the tide.

While there are better stealth primaries, none feature the concealability and flexibility of the Valkyria.

STEP 4 Now for some secondaries. First up, the Spec Ops Sub-machine Gun. It's perfect for spraying large groups of enemies or targeting special units. The most important mods are the Extended Mag and Unfolded Stock.

I also run Auto Fire to squeeze that extra damage out, along with a silencer and silencer skills. The CMP and Kross Vertex are both suitable alternatives.

STEP 5 Finally, the Baby Deagle. While it's far from being my favourite pistol, when it comes to stealth there is no equal. With the Threaded Barrel, Jungle Ninja Suppressor, Micro Laser, Spike Kite and a pistol sight, it's the perfect silent killer.

With plenty of ammo for any stealth mission, enough damage to end anyone that gets too close, the Baby Deagle is hard to beat. Use the Whitestreak as an alternative; although its concealment nor damage isn't as high,this is not a huge concern

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