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Pokemon Sun and Moon - Elite 4 GuideGuide

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Aman Shekhar / Sat 25th Feb 2017
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Pokemon Sun and Moon - Elite 4 Guide

The final hurdle.

STEP 1 Kahili Specialty - Flying

Skarmory (Steel/Flying - Lead)

Crobat (Poison/Flying)

Oricorio (Fire/Flying)

Mandibuzz (Dark/Flying)

Toucannon (Normal/Flying - Z Crystal)

Skarmory sets up spikes as entry hazards and is strong against rock. An electric type is the best choice followed by a rock type Pokemon. Be wary of Mandibuzz's Bone Rush which is super-effective against both. Toucannon's Beak Blast can cause a burn on contact so stick to special moves.

Acerola Specialty - Ghost

Sableye (Ghost/Dark - Lead)

Drifblim (Ghost/Flying)

Dhelmise (Ghost/Grass)

Froslass (Ice/Ghost)

Palossand (Ghost/Ground - Z Crystal)

Sableye leads with Fake out so a double ghost to normal type swap should come in handy. A fairy type should be effective against it. A dark type is the obvious choice. Ghost types are a gamble here. Have a cure for confusion handy. None of her Pokemon should me much of a hassle.

Olivia Specialty - Rock

Relicanth (Water/Rock - Lead)

Carbink (Rock/Fairy)

Golem (Rock/Electric)

Probopass (Rock/Steel)

Lycancroc (Rock - Z Crystal)

Arguably the easiest of the elite 4. Four of her Pokemon carry a 4x weakness. Exploit them and you should be able to make a short work of Olivia. A ground type is an ideal matchup.

Hala Specialty- Fighting

Hariyama (Fighting- Lead)

Primeape (Fighting)

Bewear (Normal/Fighting)

Poliwrath (Water/Fighting)

Crabominable (Ice/Fighting - Z Crystal)

Hala is the only Elite 4 with a decent covering movepool. Expect a Fake Out from Hariyama. Psychic/Ghost/Flying types are a viable option. Flying types would work the best except for Crabominable. Bewear has a extremely low Sp Def stat so a super effective special move can easily OHKO it. All of his Pokemon hit like a truck so you don't want to drag the battle for too long.

Professor Kukui

Lycancroc (Rock)

Ninetails (Ice/Fairy)

Braviary (Normal/Flying)

Magnezone (Steel/Electric)

Snorlax (Normal)

Incineroar (Fire/Dark) OR Primarina (Water/Fairy) OR Decidueye (Ghost/Grass) {Carrying Z Crystal}

A diverse team is needed for this fight. He disperses stealth rock with Lycancroc which can be troublesome. A steel type is a good counter measure for Lycancroc, Ninetales and Braviary. Magnezone has a 4x weakness against ground. Snorlax has a high Sp Def stat so a powerful physical fighting move is the way to go. Use the secondary types of the last team member against them or just use their elemental opposites.

Once you've defeated the Professor, you are crowned the first Alolan Champion. Congratulations!

Pokemon Recommendations

1) Mudsdale - With Stamina as its ability, Mudsdale is a very reliable Pokemon. It can single-handedly take on Olivia's team. With coverage moves like Heavy Slam, its a must have in the party.

2) Muk (Alolan Form) - One of the best Alolan forms out there. It carries decent STABs like Gunk Shot and Crunch.

3) Arcanine - Being an offensive Fire type, it can target several Pokemon's secondary typing. You might want to keep it away from Olivia though.

4) Magnezone - 4x resistance to flying. That's enough for it to be on the team. It sweetens the deal with being useful against Olivia too. Give it a powerful Special STAB and keep it away from ground type moves and it can wreak havoc.

5) Sylveon - The stats of the best eeveelution speak for itself. If that's not enough, it is strong against Hala's team and has a very decent movepool and can easily defeat most fighting types.

6) Decidueye/Primarina/Incineroar- Each have advantages over one or more Elites. If raised well with a good moveset, they can become quite a threat.

7) Gyarados - The Pokemon requires no introduction. It can plough through Hala's team. If raised as a physical attacker and with Intimidate as its ability, sky is the limit for Gyarados as long as it steers clear of electricity.

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