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Runescape Money Making Guide - CraftingGuide

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Josiah Roche / Sun 12th Nov 2017
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Runescape Money Making Guide - Crafting

The purpose of this guide is to reveal crafting techniques that make good profits while generating decent experience points. Some methods are Free to Play. See here for a comprehensive guide on how to complete the first step.

You will need:
  • 1 x Membership (ONLY SOME METHODS)

STEP 1 Level 1: Bowstrings (+306gp) Making Bowstrings from Flax is a great way to make money from level 1 onward. Flax costs approximately 27gp each, making into Bowstrings valued at 333gp each - turning a profit of 306gp each.

STEP 2 Level 22: Sapphire necklace (+648gp) Sapphire necklaces require a Gold bar and a Sapphire which cost approximately 831gp for both. You can then smelt Sapphire necklaces valued at 1,479gp - turning a profit of 648gp per item.

I recommend going to the Combat Academy in Lumbridge and find the group 'Portables', and ask for "Forge". They will tell you which world a Portable forge is located. Be polite and courteous, and leave the channel as soon as you've found a forge - this is so others can use this free service.

STEP 3 Level 40: Ruby Necklace (+565gp) Although not the best profit, this will give you a decent amount of XP till level 74.

Ruby necklaces require a Gold bar and a Ruby which cost approximately 1,519gp for both. You can then smelt Ruby necklaces valued at 2,084gp - turning a profit of 565gp per item.

STEP 4 Level 74: Dragonstone bracelet (+1,062gp) Dragonstone bracelets require a Gold bar and a Dragonstone which cost approximately 9,184gp for both. You can then smelt Dragonstone bracelets valued at 10,246gp - turning a profit of 1,062gp per item.

STEP 5 Level 76: Decorated fishing urn (nr) (+1,809gp) One of the best methods if you want to AFK. Decorated fishing urns require two pieces of Soft clay, which cost approximately 978gp for both. You can then mould these into a Decorated fishing urn (unf) and then fire it into a Decorated fishing urn (nr) - turning a profit of 1,809gp per item.

You will need a Portable crafter for this. This method generates a decent amount of XP and gold - great for AFKing too!

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