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Sun and Moon - SOS Battle Chaining GuideGuide

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Sharna Barker / Sun 3rd Sep 2017
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Sun and Moon - SOS Battle Chaining Guide

Over the generations, chaining Pokémon has changed quite a bit. From chaining using the radar in Diamond and Pearl, to the Dex Nav in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Sun and Moon introduce yet another version of chaining Pokémon in SOS Battles. This guide will teach you the very basics so you can get your own shiny, hidden ability, or IV perfect pal!

STEP 1 Smeargle Make sure you have the right Pokémon in your party. You’ll need someone who can stand up to very long battle, constantly knocking out Pokémon and reducing them down to low HP. Your best choice would be a Smeargle with the moveset: False Swipe, Recycle, Recover, and Icicle Spear (or another damaging move).

Don’t forget to give it a leppa berry. When your Smeargle runs low on PP, it will use the leppa berry. All you have to do then is use recycle to get it back.

STEP 2 Search Find the Pokémon you want to chain. It can be through any methods of finding Pokémon, such as in grass, fishing, or in a cave.

STEP 3 Adrenaline Orb Lower the Pokémon’s HP as much as possible and use an Adrenaline Orb. By doing this, you’ll increase the chances that the Pokémon will call for help, which is what you want. If no ally is called during the turn, just use another Adrenaline Orb. It won’t decrease your stock or affect the other Pokémon.

STEP 4 Repeat Keep repeating this until you’ve found the Pokémon you desire. Remember to keep track of your chain because the longer the chain, the better the chance will be for you to encounter a shiny, one with a hidden ability or up to four perfect IV’s.

STEP 5 Break a chain Remember the risks. There are several ways to break a chain. You can do this by either running away from the battle, fainting the Pokémon without an ally present, or fainting the Pokémon when the ally has a call rate of zero.

Also, keep track of the moves and PP the Pokémon has used so it doesn’t hurt itself and accidentally faint itself.

STEP 6 Reap the rewards Finding the perfect Pokémon will take some time but if you’re patient then you’ll be able to nab the perfect Pokémon pal of your dreams!

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