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Vales Fallout 4 Stealth BuildGuide

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Domenic Noble / Mon 8th Feb 2016
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Vales Fallout 4 Stealth Build

Fallout 4’s extraordinary build system allows the use of multiple play styles to combat the game in several ways. In this guide, I will show you a build that has been tweaked dozens of times to forge the best stealth build to date (IMO). This build increases the overall stealth movements for pickpocketing, lockpicking and stealth damage. For those that have adjusted to the guns blazing approach, this build may require more patience and dedication by spending perks wisely. There are amazing benefits to running a stealth build, such as getting bonus damage, more loot and caps, ability to unlock difficult doors and simply own stuff that wasn’t yours to begin with. This build is for people that enjoy taking their time; pickpocketing Fusion Cores out from any Power Armour, forcing the unit out of the suit; placing live grenades in enemies’ pockets; stripping an opponent of all their clothes and weapons before starting a fight. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they sure are entertaining. So let’s get started!

STEP 1 Set the foundations of your character:

When initially creating your character, be sure to follow this formula for when spending points in the SPECIAL attribute panel:

Strength: 3

Perception: 4

Endurance: 2

Charisma: 6

Intelligence: 4

Agility: 7

Luck: 2

STEP 2 Understand your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

The attributes will unlock the following possible perks, all of which are extremely important to this build.


While increasing inventory weight limit and melee damage, the Strength attribute is important for this ranged-stealth build as it has a very important perk for modification.

Perk: Armourer

Allows modification of armour. Lower weight and stealth mods.

STEP 3 Perception

In combat, Perception increase weapon accuracy while using VATS. There are a number of important perks within the tree.

Perk: Pickpocketing

Besides increased pickpocket chance, Level 2 in this allows you to place live grenades in a target's inventory. This is important if you want to gain the Prankster's Return achievement.

Perk: Rifleman

This perk increases all based damage with Non-Automatic Rifles. This build allows for the choice between a Non-Automatic Rifle or Pistol focus.

Perk: Awareness

Give details on targets Level, Armour and Resistances. This will help you determine if you attempt to kill your targets and with what weapon, or approach more cautiously.

Perk: Locksmith

Grants access to pick higher level locks. This will open up the world a lot more as well as grant you access to more safes as most locks are above the Novice lock level.

STEP 4 Endurance

Virtually useless for stealth builds. Gives 5 HP per Endurance Point.

STEP 5 Charisma

Increases chance to persuade during conversations and gives better buy/sell prices at shops.

Perk: Local Leader

Joins settlements together, allowing you to assign your settlers to connect your workbenches together, so any connected settlements have access to any crafting materials stored.

STEP 6 Intelligence

This is as important as Strength, for the same reasons. Besides granting more Experience Points for all actions, this has a crafting perk to silence your guns.

Perk: Gun Nut

Silences are extremely rare and unique to their type of gun. This build requires a silencer on all guns, not only for the noise reduction, but another perk also greatly increases damage with suppressed weapons.

Perk: Hacker

Terminals and some doors need higher level of hacking to gain access, this will open the world up the last part that the Locksmith perk can't.

STEP 7 Agility

The most important attribute for all stealth builds. Lowers the chance of being detected while in stealth mode, increases chance to pickpocket and grants more Action Points in VATS.

Perk: Gunslinger

Increases all based damage with Pistols. This build allows for the choice between a Non-Automatic Rifle or Pistol focus.

Perk: Mister Sandman

Besides being able to kill any sleeping person by interacting with them, this increases sneak damage on all silenced weapons up to a maximum of +50%.

Perk: Ninja

If you have not been spotted by the enemy, this will greatly increase your sneak damage up to a x3.5 on range and 10x on melee.

STEP 8 Luck

Critical Hits recharge faster per Luck Point, also increases loot quality and quantity.

Perk: Scrounger

This is one of the most popular perks in any build that includes a gun of any variety. Increases ammo drop from all container sources.

STEP 9 Stealth Tips

Now that you have the build, there are a few things to keep in mind:


As tempting as it is to have high armour/resistance, this generally comes at the cost of high weight.

Weight has an adverse affect on stealth, making you easier to detect. To overcome this, the mods Light and Ultralight reduces the weight of armour. The lighter armours like Leather can be modified with the Shadowed modification to make you virtually invisible at night and in dark places.

Get your equipped armour as light as possible for the best stealth.


Every gun MUST have a silencer mod on it. Not only will this keep you hidden for longer, but the damage output will be greatly increased thanks to the Mister Sandman perk.

Unlike Armour, weapon weight does not contribute to your stealth. Equip the most powerful silenced weapon you can get your hands on.

Stealth movement and attacking:

Below Level 4 in the Stealth perk, your speed is taken into consideration.

Move slow until you have maxed out the Stealth perk.

Keep to dark areas, or even better, only move around at night as the light level has a huge impact on the stealth mechanics.

If you move next to a raider at night with this build they will probably not notice you, but try the same thing during the day time and he will shoot you in an instant.

Don’t be afraid to attack things. Detection goes from Hidden to Cautious, then to Danger. Anything before Danger is considered a stealth attack. Most of the time, you can shoot someone's buddy, reload and shoot them before you ever get near Danger.


In every build, VATS is your friend. Use it as much as possible. Save Critical Hits for long ranged head shots with minimal chance to hit. Critical Hits will always land, even at 1% chance.

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