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60 Parsecs Announced!News

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Clinton Raethel / Fri 6th Oct 2017
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60 Parsecs Announced!

Hands up if you remember The Oregon Trail? I certainly do, and have fond memories of seeing just how far I could take my pioneers across the famed trail before running out of food or succumbing to disease. Developer Robot Gentleman also seem to remember this game, and are bringing it into the space age with their interstellar survival game, 60 Parsecs.

Set as a sequel to their debut title 60 Seconds, 60 Parsecs gives you 60 seconds (of course) to grab all the supplies you can carry, before setting out across the depths of space. Your job is to survive as long as you can in a non-linear, narrative-driven adventure. 

If you've played the original, you'll be pleased to know that Robot Gentleman are improving the core scavenging/survival mechanics, including overhauled gameplay and the introduction of a crafting system. There is also a deeper and more personal narrative at play, and all of it is set in a wonderful cross between 50's sci-fi pop culture and 60's space race propaganda.

60 Parsecs is set for a 2018 release through Steam and on the major consoles.

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