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Burnout Paradise is getting Remastered!News

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Clinton Raethel / Wed 28th Feb 2018
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Burnout Paradise is getting Remastered!

In some exciting news that no-one really expected, EA is now in the Remastering business - the legendary Burnout series is back, with Burnout Paradise being remastered for Xbox One and Playstation 4. 

This hectic arcade stunt and destruction racer was a highlight for many a gamer. Its adrenalin-packed racing combined with over the top carnage made for great times and hilarious shenanigans as we smashed our way into other racers and through the city itself. Now we'll get to do it all again only this time in glorious 4K!

Burnout Paradise Remastered will ship with all 8 DLC packs, including the Big Surf Island update as well. EA Access members can jump in on March 9, with the full version releasing on March 16. They've also teased that a PC version will be coming too (yay!)

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