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Horizon Zero Dawn - TOP 4 Exciting Features! News

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Josiah Roche / Mon 27th Feb 2017
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Horizon Zero Dawn - TOP 4 Exciting Features!

#4 - The World
The world of Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be one of the most unique in gaming for quite sometime. Combining caveman-esque characters and settings with technological advancements suchas mechanical creatures, creates an interesting dynamic that has the potential to make both thestory and combat an experience that will be hard to forget. The abandoned civilisations that youcan discover and explore are also just the icing on top of the cake.

#3 - Combat
Rather than being a typical third-person shooter, Horizon takes a more tactical approach to takedown its varied amount of enemies. There's no spamming the attack button here, but rather usingstrategy to overcome your foes by implementing the many combat mechanics such as traps andexposing weak spots that make each encounter feel like you earned your victory.

#2 - RPG Elements
The RPG elements of Horizon are what look like the hook that will keep players invested forhours on-end. Exploration rewards you as parts you find can be used to craft items that will assistyou against enemies, dialogue trees help flesh out the characters, gaining information aboutcreatures will help you startegise a plan of attack; it's an aspect that hopefully turns thisOpen-World game into something truly special.

#1 - Original IP
Okay, we may be cheating a bit here as this isn't technically a feature, but just listen. Creating anoriginal IP is risky for any Publisher as there's no dedicated audience that are guaranteed to buytheir product. Guerrilla Games themselves had a hard time pitching Horizon as it was considered'very risky'. But look at the beautiful world that has been created, the interesting enemies, thevaried weapons; it all stems from this original idea and if successful, will be an example to otherpublishers and developers that having creative freedom to craft unique experiences for the playercan pay off and we're all the better for it.

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