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Infinite Minigolf Coming to ConsolesNews

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Clinton Raethel / Tue 25th Apr 2017
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Infinite Minigolf Coming to Consoles

Zen Studios has announced that Infinite Minigolf, the highly anticipated follow-up to Planet Minigolf, is coming to consoles. Currently available on PCs through Steam Early Access, Infinite Minigolf players will be able to craft their own course creations and experience tonnes of customisation options on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this spring! Additionally, the PC version of the game and the upcoming PlayStation 4 versions will feature VR gameplay, allowing you to create, customise, and play your courses in virtual reality.

Using the toolset contained in the course editor, players are the creators and can showcase their creative abilities to players all over the world. Players can place course tiles and a vast assortment of gameplay objects into beautifully crafted environments as they create their own mini golf courses.

Players can participate in 8-player online multiplayer matchups, local multiplayer matchups, and a variety of fun single player modes. Unlock a huge selection of cool mini golf gear, discover fun powerups that elevate minigolf gameplay to new levels of excitement. Infinite Minigolf features incredibly accurate ball physics, in addition to dazzling graphics and detailed environments, each with a distinct visual theme and gameplay features.

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