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10 Great Games You Missed in 2017Opinion

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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Mon 8th Jan 2018
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10 Great Games You Missed in 2017

The game industry's award ceremonies have come and gone, awarding what the majority of the gaming world believes are the best of 2017. I am here to tell you that there were a lot of great games that missed out on the awards deserved, with that being said here is a list (because this is a prime time of the year for those) of ten great games you have missed in 2017.

This list is purely the opinion of the author. If you don't see a game that you think deserves to be on here, let us know in the comments.

10. The Evil Within 2

While most people would say that this game shouldn't be on this list because of it being a triple-A developed Survival Horror game, released around Halloween, and subsequently played to death on channels across YouTube. Once you put all of that to the side, you will see that The Evil Within 2 is a game that never really got the credit that it deserved. Much like the first game, it changed the Survival Horror landscape completely reinventing what it is that makes this genre so fun to play.

With an amazing narrative-based experience that builds spectacularly across all three acts, and improved stealth mechanics mixed with a more than welcome crafting system. The Evil Within 2 is truly a masterclass in what makes for a compelling Survival Horror gaming.

9. The Long Dark

In a genre filled to the brim with so-so Survival games, one has stood out at least in my estimation. The Long Dark focuses on all of the basic mechanics that make survival games so fun, instead of over the top locations, controls, and hunt-able beasts.

The Long Dark also boasts an intriguing character-driven narrative and a bare-bones HUD which makes it so that the player must always pay attention to every aspect of their character's health, to ensure they don't wander into the long dark.

8. Yooka Laylee

I would have never thought that in 2017, one of my stand out games would be a 3D platformer.

Yooka Laylee managed to bring back a somewhat dead genre to the masses (and also give me a new pair of rose-tinted glasses), with solid gameplay and genuinely funny dialogue that takes older fans on a ride back to the late 90's. Yooka Laylee is sure to make you feel like you're back on the Nintendo 64.

7. DiRT 4

Now bear with me, I know most people who read these types of lists aren't into racing games.

DiRT 4 is plainly put the best racing game of the last five years. Everything from the tracks, to the cars themselves are expertly crafted to not only give the player a huge range of races to compete in, but make you feel like you are actually driving a finely tuned Rally car at breakneck speeds where the line between glory and becoming a flaming wreck is as thin as the string in your cars upholstering.

6. Snake Pass

Snake Pass is possibly the most interesting game to come out in 2017. On the outside, it looks like a basic children's game with its bright colours and cartoonish character design.

Bear with me though; once you get past that and get some hands-on play, you will find that Snake Pass is a surprisingly complex game that requires you to spend hours attempting to solve its many intricate physics and body-based puzzles. Through slithering and sliding along the main platforms and posts that comprise the world, Snake Pass is an excellent game to pass the time while exercising your mind to solve the puzzles in the game.

5. Nidhogg 2

For those who played the first Nidhogg, you know exactly why the sequel is on this list. For everyone asking "what is a Nidhogg?", the only thing I can say is that Nidhogg 2 is possibly the best multiplayer game on the market today.

With improvements in almost all aspects of this game, including a larger and more varied selection of weapons, better online matchmaking, and improved (by some peoples standards) graphics. This is an insanely fun experience for anyone who decides to take a chance and pick it up.

4. Yakuza Kiwami

Being someone who has never played any of the Yakuza series, I went into Yakuza Kiwami, (the direct remake of 2005's Yakuza) having only heard from friends how good the games are. After sinking countless hours into the game, I can say without a doubt Yakuza Kiwami is one of the best single player experiences I have ever had.

Everything from the enthralling narrative, satisfying combat mechanics and enough side quests and characters to give The Witcher series a run for its money. If you have ever considered giving the Yakuza series a try, make sure you start with Yakuza Kiwami.

3. Maize

Now, this is the epitome of underappreciated. Maize is one of the best games I played in 2017. With that all being said, I feel that I should give you a taste of what this game is. Imagine you are walking through a cornfield that is the setting for an X-files and Monty Python crossover, while at the same time you're trying to solve enough weirdly complex puzzles to put a mid 90's Adventure game to shame.

Everything from the puzzles, to the setting, to the hysterically funny writing, makes Maize just one of those games that you will fall in love with after just one play through.

2. Prey

When you look up the word underrated, you will find a picture of Prey (or at least you would if I was able to hack a Google search). The game is almost masterful in the way it approaches what a survival horror game should be: tense and terrifying. From start to finish, the game continuously has a feeling and soundtrack that makes you fear even the most mundane of office supplies are a Mimic waiting to turn your face into a Halloween mask.

1. Little Nightmares

Of course this would be at the top of a list written by me. Little Nightmares is a game that superbly mixes beautiful art design with solid platforming and puzzle solving to give the player an intriguing and interesting story. Despite Little Nightmares having no spoken dialogue, the environments and your actions in the game do enough to present a gritty and emotional story of survival at any cost.

That is the end of this larger than I expected list. Thank you for reading until the end. Hopefully it has given you the push you needed to go out and play at least one of these great games.

If there is a great game from 2017 that you think people might have missed, be sure to let everyone know in the comments.

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