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10 Things Legion Needs To Be SuccessfulOpinion

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Michael Luck / Sat 28th Nov 2015
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10 Things Legion Needs To Be Successful

It's no secret World of Warcraft appears to be a cancer stricken game at the moment with almost 50% of its subscriber base having dwindled away in the last 6-8 months. Although disheartening to see, we can look towards the hopeful 2016 release of Blizzard's new expansion, Legion, to breathe life back into this game. Here are 10 things Legion needs to have if it hopes to provide this much needed resurgence.

1. Enticing end-game gameplay

The major downfall seen in Warlords of Draenor, and somewhat in Mists of Pandaria, is the lack of alluring and rewarding gameplay at maximum level. With a majority of gameplay currently centered on garrison content and clustered and repetitive raiding progression there's just no carrot on the stick to keep people playing. Blizzard will need to use a facet of systems such as professions and questing in order to provide options for solo character progression in the game.

2. Emphasis on social engagement

One of the many things that have kept gamers playing WoW for so many years are the connections and friendships made throughout their adventures. In recent times it seems Blizzard has forgotten this aspect. Increased emphasis on bringing players out into the world and promoting social interaction through gameplay will only aid in healthy subscriber numbers.

3. A much needed professions overhaul

Luckily Blizzard is already one step ahead of this and have announced a massive profession overhaul is in the making for Legion. Professions are so common in the current build of the game that player identity within their professions is almost non-existent. As an integral gameplay aspect, making professions exciting and important again will only do good things for player enjoyment.

4. Making dungeons important!

Unfortunately, dungeons are mostly put on the backburner for players once max levels are reached. To combat this a greater incentive needs to be implemented to make players return to dungeons throughout their end game progression.

5. A better welcome for new players

For the sake of longevity, handing over the torch from senior players to newbies has been underplayed massively, and with everyone running around on their freshly minted lvl 100 characters the game has never been more confusing. It's not just Blizzard's responsibility, but also the responsibility of players and the community to welcome and assist new players settling in to their new home in Azeroth.

6. An enemy worth fighting

Something that's been lacking in recent expansions is an enemy worth combatting against. Although there is no definitively-known villain as of yet, the invasion of the Burning Legion into Azeroth will prove to be a plot point which could draw players together.

7. Leave questing alone

If there's one thing Blizzard has gotten right it's the questing experience. The questing in World of Draenor was excellent as the additional zone objectives went hand in hand with zone progression to provide an interesting new dynamic.

8. The redemption of Illidan Stormrage

Great story has been at the forefront of WoW's success, and to continue this the draw of an Illidan Stormrage redemption story would surely win the hearts of fans. The favourite character of many fans, joining glaives with Illidan would be nothing less than majestic.

9. An amazing artifact experience

The announced artifact weapons are a huge draw for players keen to get their hands on the expansion. With a unique weapon for each spec in the game it's obvious Blizzard are putting lots of development resources into the system. Only with good storytelling will this system be as enticing as it needs to be to draw players in and keep them playing.

10.Blizzard need to keep their promises

With a multitude of broken promises in regards to content and in-game flying for example, a sour taste has been left in the mouths of players. Due to their bolstered developer numbers there should be no excuse for negligent content production this time around.

The ball is well and truly in Blizzard's court in terms of their ability to reignite the flame for WoW fans, and with the Legion Beta fast approaching it's up to players to keep their eyes open.

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