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2016 Awards - David HullOpinion

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David Hull / Wed 21st Dec 2016
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2016 Awards - David Hull

Biggest Surprise

Nintendo Switch. After two mediocre consoles and many handheld segues Nintendo delivered something worth rooting for. Creativity, accessibility and a fun medium between handheld and console gaming, the Nintendo Switch is both bizarre and oh so Nintendo. All they need to do now know...release games to play on it.

Biggest Disappointment

Dark Souls 3. A series that took too many steps backwards for no particular reason. Whilst the game itself is well made, the sense of wonderment and awe is replaced with tedium and frustration. Considering also the powerful statement Bloodborne made with such a new, Lovecraftean world, Dark Souls 3 feels too safe and far too bland.

Most Anticipated for 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda. The saying that lighting can't strike twice in the same spot, is actually a myth. So much like lightning Bioware has a beautiful opportunity to body slam all the rattled nerves of their fans and release a game that does in fact create the sense of wonderment and connection that the first series embodies. But just in case, please hide all black cats, pad your mirrors and lay down your ladders.

Game of The Year (2016)

Overwatch. An amazingly solid video game, what more needs to be said? Easy to play with a sense of involvement and accomplishment for even the newest of players. A powerful sense of fun with whacky characters, unique weapons and combat that heavily emphasises teamwork. And of course, Blizzard, a development team that have been extremely active in overseeing their baby and adjusting the playing field either mechanically or with new additions.

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