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2016 Awards - Eamon WardOpinion

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Eamon Ward / Wed 21st Dec 2016
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2016 Awards - Eamon Ward

Biggest Surprise

Hitman. I've never been a massive fan of the Hitman franchise and as such, wasn't expecting a whole lot from 2016's offering. But as it turned out it was one of the more enjoyable games of the year. The massive levels, tight controls and even the episodic nature of the content added up to be an excellent stealth shooter that I never saw coming.

Biggest Disappointment

Battlefield 1. Don't get me wrong, Battlefield 1 is a good game, a really good game but it fails in one major aspect. The WW1 setting has very little impact on the battlefield formula. Everyone runs around with automatic weapons and sniper rifles and I just can't figure out why they chose The Great War for a game that's so familiar. Go back to WW2, a setting that suits the Battlefield formula, if you want the submachine guns, lmg's and anti-tank rifles that plague Battlefield 1. If you want to try a game that does well by WW1, check out Verdun instead.

Most Anticipated for 2017

I can't decide which game I want more, Dawn of War 3 or Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. As a long time fan of both franchises (and I'm talking over a decade) I have been following each of these titles closely. Dawn of War 3 looks to be melding the massive battles of the original with heroes of the sequel. And it looks great. As for Bannerlord, I can't get enough of Mount and Blade as it is, add better sieges, weapon crafting and diplomacy and I see a game that I will spend far too many hours playing.

Game Of The Year (2016)

Doom, the name says it all. It carries with a lineage almost as old as the genre itself. It lifts a heavy burden, the expectations of thousands of fans. And it most certainly meets them, hell, even surpasses them. Fast combat, fluid movement and brutal kills, Doom is, hands down, the best game of 2016 and arguably one of the best shooters, ever. Rip and tear your way to hell and back, it's worth it.

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