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2017 GOTY Awards - Clinton RaethelOpinion

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Clinton Raethel / Wed 6th Dec 2017
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2017 GOTY Awards - Clinton Raethel

Biggest Surprise

There's that old adage of 'Don't judge a book by its cover', and that couldn't be truer of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. At face value this game looked to be a money grab, a shameless crossover to get some much-needed games onto the Nintendo Switch. Even the opening cutscene had me cringing as those meddling Rabbids yelled and screamed for my attention. Then the gameplay started, and what glorious turn-based gameplay it was! Deep, varying and bursting with charm, Kingdom Battle hooked me and kept me on the line until well after the end credits rolled. Did not see that coming...

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Biggest Disappointment

I sunk days of my time into Destiny - it was a game that I loved to hate, and yet couldn't put down. We knew there were problems, but more importantly, Bungie knew there were problems too. Destiny 2 was announced as a clean slate, to allow Bungie to rebuild Destiny from the ground up and get things right. The excitement was palpable, and while they did accomplish this to some extent, the end result was a game that looked, felt and played exactly the same as the original. Don't get me wrong, it's still a solid game, and definitely worth a look-in - but I just couldn't justify doing it all again.

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Most Anticipated for 2018

There are two games that I equally desire for 2018 for two very different reasons. Red Dead Redemption 2 has huuuuuuuuge cowboy boots to fill, but given Rockstar Games' track record for top-notch open world games, I have a hunch that they're somehow going to meet or even exceed our incredibly lofty expectations. 

The second title comes from Rare, who have been responsible for some of my all-time favourite games. Their latest IP is called Sea of Thieves, a rollicking pirate adventures with mates, stealing treasure and ruling the seas however you see fit. It looks gorgeous, gameplay looks ridiculously fun, what's not to love?

Game of the Year (2017)

Both Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild are incredible games that are 100% worthy of this accolade, but the one standout for me has to be PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Sure it's far from perfect, but the devs are working hard to continually improve the player experience as it moves from early access to full release. Every single game I've had has been different to the last, with each being memorable for their own reason. This has been the most fun I've had with mates online to date, and never before have I had to stop playing an hour before sleep just to let my heart-rate settle. I cannot recommend it enough - winner winner, chicken dinner.  

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