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Destiny 2 Open Beta ImpressionsOpinion

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Sam Heatley / Thu 27th Jul 2017
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Destiny 2 Open Beta Impressions

Set to be one of the biggest releases this year, Destiny 2 launched the open beta last weekend on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Continuing on from the successful Destiny, the sequel is building upon the already established lore and universe. Familiar enemies and characters still feature, so it feels less like a new game and more like an expansion.

The beta opens with a short cinematic of the Tower being attacked, The Traveler restrained by some giant device, and the Vanguard leaders ready to defend. From this point, your character becomes involved and helps take on the invading Cabal force.

Destiny 2 has done well in making you feel involved and part of the story. The interactions with key characters and the constant updates through Ghost make sure you are aware of what is happening. What it still lacks though, is information. It feels like they explain the bare minimum and hope that you can fill in the gaps. For a game with so much potential lore, I hope they do go more in depth with this game.

The beta featured a co-operative Strike mission and two new Crucible maps and modes. While the Crucible was fun to play, it is hard to judge without full gun load-outs and Guardian customisation. I found the Strike mission more interesting. Called The Inverted Spire, the mission was more of a platform challenge with various jumps, falls and obstacles to avoid. Along with the usual enemies, the final boss had four phases and required some team work to conquer. The overall difficulty felt good but ammo drops might need adjusting.

The gun categories have been overhauled from Destiny. Primary and secondary weapons have now changed to Kinetic and Energy. Kinetic weapons are guns that use normal ammo, while Energy are based around elements such as Arc, Void and Solar. Heavy weapons which include Shotgun, Sniper Rifles, Grenade and Rocket Launchers are now based under Power weapons with small amounts of ammo available. This reshuffling of categories feels limiting as there seems to be less customisation in terms of weapon choices. It may be a way of forcing certain strategies by thinking about what weapons you bring to a fight but I will miss sniping my way through certain Strikes.

One of the big letdowns was the ability charge times. I believe that the charge times on grenades and class abilities needs to be quicker in order to give fights more variety. Super abilities are fine, except Hunter's, which is the only class to have an ability that doesn't support others in their group. Their increased dodge is a selfish and niche ability which will stop them from being chosen for future raids.

I played the beta for more than a few hours with each class and never experienced an issue with the game or the server connection. Both Strike and the Crucible connected me in a reasonable time with other teammates and I never experienced lag either while in PvP.

While the beta isn't indicative of the full game, it feels like I was jumping into an expansion rather than a new game. It all feels familiar with nothing exciting included into the mix. Not even a new class. While I'm excited to see where the story goes, I think they need to do more to lure in new players and not just maintain the loyal.

*Tested on PlayStation 4

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