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Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press ConferenceOpinion

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Eamon Ward / Mon 12th Jun 2017
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Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference

Devolver Digital, the producers behind such games a Hotline Miami, Broforce and Shadow Warrior held their first E3 press conference this year. And they won, without a doubt Devolver Digital killed any and all competition.

After firing a gun into the air to gain the crowds attention they launched into the conference. The theme, Tomorrow's Unethical Business Practices Today. Devolver promised to bring all the money grubbing, underhand dealings they could - and oh boy did they deliver. Following the trailer for Ruiner, an isometric cyberpunk action game that seems to play like Hotline Miami meet Deus Ex, they announced a revolutionary piece of technology, Devolver Digital Screen Pay.

How many times have you heard people say that they're throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening? Well, those times have come to an end. Utilising advanced technology, Devolver Digital is pioneering a new way to purchase your game. This next level device allows literal money to be thrown at your screen. Said money will, through a series of complex systems, wind up in Devolver's accounts, thus letting you purchase your game, online, with cash. It seems that the technology is still somewhat experimental as, in a typical E3 disaster, the member of the audience chosen to test the device lost a limb. Well, sometimes success costs an arm and a leg.

Up next was Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, a top down bullet hell style game in the vein of Enter the Gungeon. From the devs behind the excellent fantasy adventure Hammerwatch, Bogus Detour promises a solo mode, co-op, survival and deathmatch; plenty of content for what will likely be a cheap game. Toss in the included mod support and you have a recipe for success.

Speaking of success, some years ago Steam launched Early Access, a system wherein a developer could release a game, regardless of it's state, and charge people for it, promising that one day the game would be complete. It was a roaring success, with hundreds of thousands of dollars the thrown toward unfinished titles. Capitalising on this idea, Devolver announced Earliest Access. While similar enough, there is one small difference - you purchase the concept as it comes into a designers head. Endorsed by Suda51, the mad man behind No More Heroes and Killer is Dead, among others, was brought in to support Earliest Access, though there seemed to be some difficulties overcoming the language barrier.

Finally we got our first look at a truly mind blowing piece of technology, Comment Created Content. The perfect side piece for Earliest Access, Comment Created Content allows players to submit ideas to forums for certain games and, within seconds, experience those changes in-game. No longer will we have to wait for patches or sequels. Gone are the days of throwing ideas at devs. Now your complaints have a very real impact.

And that just about sums up Devolver Digital's Big Fancy Press Conference. It was intense, at times bordering on graphic, but wholly excellent. I haven't had as much fun watching an E3 conference before, and likely never will again. Devolver nailed it this year, laying the groundwork for what will be some truly revolutionary technology and some pretty sweet games as well.

You can check it out in all its glory here:

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