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MGR Episode 1Opinion

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Antony Stevenson / Tue 3rd Apr 2018
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MGR Episode 1

Welcome to MGR, your friendly biweekly intake of Mobile Game Reviews! In these series, I will be taking three games that catch my eye and highlight exactly why they're worth your time!

This episode will be looking at Dune!, Stickman Turbo Dismount and Baseball Boy.

Developer: VOODOO

I noticed this particular game when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed - not once, not twice, but a whole eight times before my uncontrollable curiosity took over and I unconsciously downloaded it to finally get it out of my feed.

Not a word of a lie but, it is actually quite good. Very easy one touch gameplay where the player controls a very innocent looking ball and the aim is to get it as far as possible while shooting it as high as you can. Sounds easy, but it's not. This game is an example of easy to learn hard to master gameplay; which is part of the addicting factors of now a day free to play games.

You touch the screen to make the ball accelerate, you release the screen to stop the acceleration, simple. The hardest part is the timing. As the name would suggest, it's full of half pipe looking dunes where when timed right the player would be able to shoot the ball high and far.

Achievements, unlockables and challenges makes you want to come back and just try that little harder to get that flaming ball you have been keeping your eye on.

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Stickman Turbo Dismounting
Developer: JDI Game Studio

Having played this game before a good half a year ago, I thought I'd give it another go to see if anything else was added or was improved on.

Apart from the fact that you can now collect stars on your way down in the attempt to break as many bones as possible, nothing really has changed. That - surprisingly enough - is a good thing, as it was a decent game and thus, still is.

The aim of the game is to push your surprisingly willing stunt Stickman (try saying that 10 times while balancing on one leg) down, through, across a variety of unlockable environments by breaking as many bones as you can.

With different poses to choose from to push your stunt Stickman, you can also unlock a variety of vehicles, from Shopping Trolleys to TNT-laden Pickup Trucks, so replayability is built in to make sure you keep pushing as much pain as possible onto your mute hero.

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Baseball Boy
Developer: VOODOO

Just like Dune!, I came across this time filler through my Facebook feed, "the most addictive game to date" apparently so I thought I'd download it and give it ago.

You are faced with a baseball bat and a front garden. Of course, the aim of the game seems very straightforward; hit the ball as far as digitally possible. You as the player control the direction through a swinging scale and the bat does the rest, the direction you land is entirely dictated by the power of your swing.

At first the power is weak, but through upgrading speed, strength and bounce you can quickly gain the amount of power needed to make the game more enjoyable. As you reach certain meters you unlock different bats including fish, a cricket bat anda  frying pan that make that first 11 seconds of acquiring it more fun.

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That's it this episode, check in again next time for three more games!
If there are any mobile games that you want me to play and review then please get in touch and I will be more than happy to give them a go!

Happy Gaming!

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