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MGR Episode 2Opinion

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Antony Stevenson / Mon 16th Apr 2018
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MGR Episode 2

Welcome to MGR, your friendly biweekly intake of Mobile Game Reviews! In these series, I will be taking three games that catch my eye and highlight exactly why they're worth your time!

This Episode we are all heading into space. I got to try out Space Flight Simulator, Space Arena: Build and Fight and Space Frontier.

Space Flight Simulator
Developer: Stefo Mai Morojna

Now, nothing compares to the awesome attention to detail that Kerbal Space Program offers; that is pretty much as close as it gets to NASA. Space Flight Simulator is a very compressed version. When you start you are able to build your rocket using a predefined selection of parts from thrusters, fuel tanks to landing legs and probes, in case you are thinking of landing on Mars.

So you have your rocket, and now comes the tricky part, launching the thing. It's easy getting it off the ground, being able to select which thruster to use, etc... but then trying to land on the moon is a bit more advanced (I still haven't managed it). This game isn't there to replace Kerbal Space Program but it is really fun when you have a spare 20 mins in your lunch break.

Even though the graphics are limited, and the fact that you can't go further than Mars. Space Flight Simulator is a must give a go for space enthusiasts.

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Space Arena: Build and Fight
Developer: HeroCraft Ltd

If you enjoy the kind of games where you have to equip your ships with the latest weaponry and defence equipment to defeat your ever growing in level enemies, then Space Arena: Build and Fight is pretty much that!

You start with (as usual) a low level heap of junk which you have to customise, with a selection of weapons, reactors, shields and armour to make sure that it at least survives the first 20 or so rounds - before you gain access to better weapons and ships. Each ship or class has its own advantages and limited slots to place your equipment, so effective placement is key to winning.

With a league table, campaign mode and research menu (where you can get better equipment and even gain achievements), there is always something to do while munching on your cheese sandwich at work.

If you enjoy strategic gameplay and creating winning spaceships then this game is worth a play.

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Space Frontier
Developer: Ketchapp

If you ever wanted to take people to Mars and beyond, then have a look at this game. Space Frontier is a very simple game where you send your rockets to space. But taking your new colonists costs money, so you have to do some tests flights and make your rocket bigger and better if you want to reach Mars in the first place.

Launching and flying your rocket is a simple timed puzzle game where tapping too early decreases the much needed boost and tapping to late, well, turns your rocket into a last minute firework display. It doesn't take long till you reach Mars, but it doesn't stop there. Using Mars as an outpost, you have other worlds to launch to so the fun doesn't stop and each time of course takes longer and your rocket gets upgraded.

If you are looking for a space themed game that you want to last - but play five mins at a time - then check this one out.

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That's it from me this episode, check in next time where I will be reviewing two Zoo themed escape games. How exciting!

If there are any mobile games that you think I should give a go and review then please get in touch and I will be then happy to take on requests!

Happy Gaming!

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