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Payday 2 - Top 5 ModsOpinion

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Christopher Jarvis / Thu 16th Feb 2017
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Payday 2 - Top 5 Mods

Despite its huge following, Payday 2 can be fairly broken and unrefined. As a result, it has a large modding community, which can be hard to navigate at times. Luckily, the staff at GSR have well over 500 hours of playtime between us, so we've compiled a list of the most useful mods to improve or completely change your Payday experience.Make sure you install Payday 2 BLT before attempting to install mods, and always remember to back up your files! Find out more about modding Payday 2 over at

Honourable Mentions

When you've downloaded all of the mods on this list, you might get annoyed at how often they beg to be updated when you start the game. Dr_Newbie's Update All Mods does exactly what it says on the tin, in the background to prevent an interruption every time one of the mod creators tweaks something.

Bag Contours by TdlQ gives a different shade to the outline of loot bags depending on the weight of them, and gives body bags an entirely separate colour. It saves time being able to see these things clearly, and is entirely customizable with one of the nicer option menus on this list.

For the light machine gun user, aiming isn't easy unless you have LMG Steelsights by g_manuel98. Quite simply, it allows you to add scopes to all LMGs in the game. It's a must-have if you regularly use these weapons, but adds nothing else, so don't bother if you prefer SMGs or assault rifles.

#5 - Hefty Reloaded

Many Payday heists have different types of pick-ups such as thermite paste, meth ingredients, and key cards. They can have multiple uses throughout a level, but each player can only carry one of each thing, and they're not reusable. But then Fooksie came along and created Hefty, a mod which saves a great deal of time by allowing the player to carry multiple of each. Fooksie's mod hasn't been available online for quite some time, but Reddit user /u/Alsnana has re-uploaded it here for your convenience.

#4 - Better Bots / Bot Weapons & Equipment

I couldn't choose between these two, because they're both essentials for the game's friendly AI to be of any use. Better Bots by Schmuddel drastically changes the way the AI approaches combat, making them reload when a wave ends, mark tasers, take hostages, and act smarter in a variety of ways. It also allows the player to customise their health, speed, and a variety of other settings.

Nebby's Bot Weapons & Equipment does much less than Better Bots, but what it adds is important. It allows the player to change the bots' equipped weapons, armour, masks, and deployables (although the last two are purely cosmetic). While Better Bots equips them with a Lightweight Ballistic Vest, it helps to be able to put them in a much stronger armour when charging headfirst into a heavy assault.

#3 - Silent Assassin

Payday 2's stealth mechanics are unique in that almost every guard has a pager that the player has to answer after killing them. If more than four pagers are answered in a game, or a pager goes unanswered, the alarm is raised and the police turn up. For traditional stealth die-hards or people who are just sick of pagers, DrTachyon has the solution.

Silent Assassin allows you to bypass the pager-answering process as long as you remain undetected by the guard you kill. But to keep it somewhat balanced, you are restricted to a maximum of two pagers per heist rather than the usual four (although this setting can be tweaked in the options menu). It's a controversial mod, since it arguably makes the game significantly easier, but if you've played more than 200 hours like I have, maybe it's time for a change.

#2 - Carry Stacker Reloaded

Lordmau5 has probably saved me more time thanks to Carry Stacker Reloaded than any other mod on this list. With this essential mod, bags weigh slightly less and you can carry multiple up to a certain weight limit. The mod allows you to adjust the weight values of each bag, which means you could take every bag on the map at once, but the default values seem well balanced if you're concerned about crossing the line into cheater's territory.

#1 - WolfHUD

The moment I installed Kamikaze94's WolfHUD, I regretted not doing so earlier. WolfHUD not only displays a colossal amount of information on the heads-up display while remaining readable and attractive, it also offers a huge number of extra settings and features such as automatically skipping the black screen at the start of each heist, and instantly selecting one of the three rewards at the end. Many of the additions (both tweaks to the game, and newly displayed information) are incredibly useful, and instantly became a key part of the way I play Payday.

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