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Top 10 Games of 2017 (so far)Opinion

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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Tue 29th Aug 2017
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Top 10 Games of 2017 (so far)

2017 has been a great year so far for all games; from big budget AAA, to lone developed indie games.The gaming industry is ever growing and changing, what's hot this month could be dead in the charts the next. 
Join GSR as we celebrate the best games of 2017 thus far.

This list will only include games that have been released from January 1st to August 30th 2017 (obviously) and also it will not include remasters or re-releases, so no Crash Bandicoot. This list is purely the opinion of a portion of the staff members here at GSR, so what is included below are what we deem as the best games of 2017 thus far. Now with that out of the way, let's start the list with number 10.

(All game prices below are the prices on Steam, while I don't recommend buying all of these games on Steam, it is the most consistent pricing worldwide).

10. Tekken 7$50USD
- Tekken you back to the start

After nine long years, Tekken came back with a bang. With Tekken 7, the series brought to a close its longest running story line, as well as bringing in an overall improved game for fans to sink their teeth into. The graphics, combat, and customization systems have all been extensively reworked and improved to give fans the tightest fighting experience on the market today. The King of Iron Fist is truly back, and this time they brought bowling.

9. SonicMania -  $18USD
- If you like it then you should've put a ring on it

This is the game that Sega has been trying to make for 26 years. The art style is classic early Sonic, and the music is uplifting and truly Sonic to the bone. The gameplay (oh the gameplay!)  of SonicMania is exactly what it should be: simple and fats.The game is filled with so many obscure Easter eggs that it truly makes SonicMania a love letter to patient fans.

8. The Long Dark - $35USD
- The Long, Dark, and Dreamy

The Long Dark is a remarkable storytelling experience, which sees the player crash landing in the Canadian north, and then facing the Quiet Apocalypse. Where it stands out is with the minimalist HUD focusing on maintaining your hunger, water, and fatigue which lets the player enjoy and concentrate on exploring the world. The look of the game is uncluttered and beautifully rendered, and the music is minimalist in its design. No overbearing musical scores are to be found here, just the sound of wolves and bears waiting to bite your face off. All up, it is an Early Access game that everyone should play.

7. Prey - $60USD
- An apple a day keeps the -  Aahh Aahh MIMICS!

Prey is a gem which has flown under the radar this year. It's a fun game that gives you a lot of choices affecting the outcome. Prey is under appreciated for what it is: a mini heart attack inducing space adventure through Transtar's horrortorium of mimics, with the standard Arcane Studios sneak or sprint gameplay.You have the choice to play however you want, with the music making you scared to enter any room for fear of a sudden deep spike or office stationery trying to smash your face in!Prey is truly a different take on the horror genre, which in my mind pays off.

6. Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - $30USD
- Extreme Hunger Games

The only way to describe Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is as a phenomenon. This game is so simple in its design, yet so perfect for what it is. The fact that PUBG  (as it is known to most) has gotten so popular so fast just goes to show that simple shooter mechanics, paired with looting anything you need to fight hordes of other players (up to 100 other players to be exact), is all that people want out of their online shooters nowadays

5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - $60USD
- Be kind... rewind

Resident Evil 7 finally heralds the return to the top of the survival horror mountain that Capcom has been hoping for since the amazing success of Resident Evil 4. Capcom made some very risky decisions with Resident Evil 7, namely changing from the series classic third person perspective to a more immersive first person perspective, not playing as one of the series regulars (such as Chris, Leon, or Jill), and the decision to make the game VR compatible; which in itself adds a totally different layer of fear onto the game that it otherwise wouldn't have.

4. Fortnite$40USD (from Epic Games website)
- That's not how you spell it

Fortnite is one of the most complete and fun Early Access games I have ever played. The team focused gameplay enabling the player to build whatever they desire is an interesting and creative twist on the base building feature in most games. The visual style is both enough to set it apart from the pack and engage players to keep on playing the game until they have unlocked everything it has to offer.

3. DiRT 4 - $60USD
- Gonna get DiRTy.

DiRT 4, simply put, is the best racing game of the last 5 years. Codemasters took all of the mechanics and passion that was put into Dirt Rally and put it into DiRT 4. The attention to detail on the cars, roads, and teams is astonishing for a racing game. Racing mechanics have been updated and improved on from Dirt Rally, making the game's handling crisp and clean in the heat of the action. I went into DiRT 4 with the attitude of it being just another racing game, but I came out the other side having been completely blown away.

2. Sword with Sauce$3USD
- Do you want a drink with that?

Have you ever wondered what the child of Superhot and Dishonored would be? I haven't either, but I have played it. Sword With Sauce is currently the best game in Early Access, featuring more features than you can bounce down a stairway to kill the guy at the bottom (which is something Sword With Sauce lets you do). Currently nothing more than an arena sandbox, Sword With Sauce take lets you pick from a bunch of weapons, a load of gadgets and a few maps before you proceed to chop, shoot, gas, explode and slaughter your way through an army of faceless bad guys. There's a solid free running system which allows for some great vertical play, varied levels and even a stealth system. While admittedly limited, the dev is working on bringing workshop support, a level editor, multiplayer content and more, so it's definitely a game worth watching. 

1. Little Nightmares $20USD
- Scary things come in small packages
Little Nightmares is an absolute masterclass in superbly paced story driven horror, blended with platforming puzzles that makes the player think about every movement as they inch closer to the games climax. Little Nightmares' visual style is dark, yet beautiful. The soundtrack gives off a feeling of helplessness and sorrow at the start, but by the end of the game shifts to hope and mystery of things to come. All these factors add up to Little Nightmares not only being an emotional ride that everyone should experience, but the best game of 2017 (so far).

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