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Hi I\'m Nick I\'ve been gaming since at least 1996 (that\'s as far back as i can remember, because i was born in 1994) I started with the Nintendo 64 with games like super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and have played every major gaming console along the way. That\'s a lot of money spent on gaming and have followed the industry. My favorite game is The Last of Us, I have played it maybe a total of 10 times from start to finish, Yet that platinum trophy eludes me. Last time I checked I have a PlayStation level of 15, I\'m Juvenile500 (terrible name I know it was made in 2008 and I\'ve put too much work in to change it). I have no idea of what my score on Xbox is I don\'t really keep track of that but I am BertMackl1nFBI (Parks and recreation joke). So if you\'d like go and add me on those if you want to chat or play game together.I\'m a Capricorn and I look forward to your messages -winkyface-


'\"That was too close you were almost a Jill sandwich\" - Barry Burton'

Favourite console

PlayStation 3

Favourite game

The Last of Us


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