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A Way Out ReviewReview


A Way Out
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Mon 9th Apr 2018
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With a heavy focus on story and genuinely fun gameplay, A Way Out is well worth a look.

OVERVIEW The year is 1974, you find yourself in prison and in need of a plan. Armed only with crude tools and a thirst for adventure that only the outside world can bring. A Way Out is a new co-op prison based adventure game, developed by Hazelight Studios and published by EA, A Way Out is available now for you and your friends to enjoy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

STORYLINE In A Way Out you and a friend play as either disappointedfather look alike Vincent and the winner of the world's biggest nose 3 yearsrunning Leo (seriously it's huge), as they devise a plan to break out of prisonand get their revenge on the man who put them in there. While along the waythey deal with trust issues both with themselves and their families.

To say that A Way Out takes inspiration from The Shawshank Redemption would bean understatement, the entire first portion of the story is essentially a duobased homage to the film that appears on more best film lists than soap in ashower block.
That being said, the story is a surprisingly solid and in depth narrative thatfocuses on slowly building the characters relationship over the course of thegame instead of all within the game's first act.

GAMEPLAY This game really came out of nowhere for me, I went intothis game expecting nothing more than your typical gimmick riddled prison breakgame a la the Prison Break Game.

Instead what I got was a game with so much more to it then "break out atall costs", the game mixes together so many different gameplay styles suchas third person shooter sections, a motor cross section that harkens back to mydays racing friends in MX Superfly, and a delightful side scrolling beat'em upexperience and that's not even including all of the addictive mini games thatlitter the game.

The best way to describe the gameplay is fresh, it changes up enough to feelfun and engaging and the final battle between the players is sure to be enoughto make older gamers dust off their Nintendo 64's and play some 007 Goldeneye.

GRAPHICS Graphically this game has some flaws here and there, butit's nothing game breaking.  A Way Out is a good-looking game, which doeswell to never stick to one location for too long, and while the design of Leois a bit ridiculous to say the least. The game does a great job of establishinga tone and feel which flows of the course of the game and fits the periodperfectly.

AUDIO Whoever worked on the audio of this game deserves a lot ofpraise, the way it carries and at times injects the tone is top notch. Thevoice acting is on point as well, every line seems to be delivered perfectlywith the story at the forefront of every engagement and the atmospheric musicin each scene really helps to take this game from a simple point to point walkabout to an intense journey to freedom.

VERDICT As I said before I came into this game with lowexpectations, seeing it came across as though it was going to be a gimmickheavy bore fest. But instead what I got was a heavily story based and genuinelyfun game that I could enjoy with my closest friends repeatedly.


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