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Alone With You ReviewReview


Alone With You
Game review on PS4
David Hull / Thu 15th Sep 2016
152 views / 2 bites

A lonely adventure mixed with a dash of romance. And a trendy scarf.

OVERVIEW Alone With You, a romantic adventure game, strives to build a connection with you and those long gone from the colony as you plan to escape.

STORYLINE You, the last remaining person on a dying planet, need to repair your escape pod and evacuate before joining the planet in it's fate in just a few weeks. To do this, you scavenge through defunct facilities and communicate with the holograms of former employees stationed across the planet. Building relationships and gathering clues as to what went wrong and how best to escape. The narrative is delivered in text dialogue from the A.I of your ship and those of Holograms, plus the logs and notes you find scattered about.Alone with You is slow - very slow. Your daily routine of waking up, heading out on a mission, coming home, then talking with the Holograms of employees is likely enough to cut some peoples experience short. Trips to the other facilities are tedious and mostly involve a lot of reading. After 5 or 6 days on this planet however, the narrative shift towards a stronger sense of progression. Instead of just visiting the other Colony facilities, you start to unravel the true level of deterioration the Planet was suffering and the personal strains it was taking on the colonists.
Final completion of Alone With You is almost unexpected. Touching and heartbreaking, what starts as mundane ultimately leaves you wishing for just a bit more time.

GAMEPLAY With no one but yourself to wander the planet, there is no need for weapons and health kits. Instead you walk to and fro in crumbling Environmental Dome's and Cave systems, searching for whatever items and information are vital to your escape ship's success. Some puzzles begin to pop up the further you travel, but none present that grand of a challenge, requiring only a keen eye.Discussions with the Holograms are unlocked after a few trips out to the Planet. After daily missions you are allowed to discuss your findings of the day with the relevant Hologram. Conversation is one sided with long monologues by the Holos, detailing their personal demon's and daily struggles, whilst your character's response is more or less "OK.". The closest interactions to conversation come between the Planet A.I and yourself as you rummage through the rubble.Ultimately, interactivity here is lacking. The storyline is key, but there's a lot of wandering around that feels like unnecessary empty space, particularly in those first few days.

GRAPHICS Charming in its simplicity, Alone With You follows on from the pixel filled Home (of the same creators). Diversity in areas is shallow at first but with return trips you uncover unique settings such as vine filled Bio Domes and what once were the makeshift homes of those eking out a living in their final days.Furthermore, let's not forget the fashionable scarf the protagonist wears around his helmet. How very dashing.

AUDIO Sound is ever present but in more ways than just music. Nearly every area has a dripping of water from stalactites, the wind from a storm outside, the whooshing of doors or the buzz of your shuttle jetting off across the Planet. Exaggerated but isolated, the sounds and eerie digitised music further press a loneliness.The soundtrack itself, subtle, digital and haunting is kept as almost an undercurrent. Never intruding and with the mix of sci fi sound effects everything blends together very well. Instead of being "The Soundtrack" of the game, it comes across as purely natural to the world.

VERDICT The first few days of your journey are a slog, but the payoff is well worth it. Alone With You will likely surprise, then, a few days after finishing you'll find that you still think about it, ruminating over the finale and more.


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