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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer ReviewReview


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Game review on Nintendo 3DS
Sharna Barker / Mon 16th Nov 2015
1695 views / 5 bites

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is possibly one of the cutest games ever.

OVERVIEW I think we can all agree that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is possibly one of the cutest games ever. It has all the charm of an Animal Crossing game but none of the stress that urges you to play every day. It's a title that every AC fan should try out.

STORYLINE Happy Home Designer doesn't have much of a storyline. You start off as a new employee at Nook's Homes. Tom Nook and the rest of the agency greet you and it's not too long before you dive straight into the main purpose; designing homes.

After that, you work your way up to master and soon you'll also be creating shops and facilities. You aren't limited to how much you can play each day either, so it's up to you how fast you play through the story.

After you finish all the facilities and shops around the town centre, you have 'finished' the story. Despite this, there's still a seemingly endless amount of villagers' houses left to design.

GAMEPLAY Designing homes has never been easier. You can drag, drop, rotate and even multiply furniture all through the touch screen. It's easy to access the catalogue with all the pieces of furniture and to search for just the right piece to make a home perfect.

Villagers will give you a theme and you have to work within that. Characters such as K.K Slider and Isabelle (that you get through the Amiibo cards) dish out extra challenges. This is because you're completely left up to your devices and have no set theme to work with. You can also compare your own creations to what other people have done through the Happy Home Network.

As satisfying as it is to design a villager's home, it might get tiring after a while. After all, that's all there is to the game. It's simple and repetitive gameplay that's perfect for someone who only wants to play for 30 minutes a day.

GRAPHICS Happy Home Designer's graphics are largely similar to what was in New Leaf. They're smooth and perfectly suit the cute style. Also, the 3D brings an extra depth that allows you to easily have the option of playing with it on or off, especially if you have the New 3DS.

AUDIO The music in this game perfectly sets the atmosphere for wherever you are, whether you're just chilling in Nook's Homes or out designing a residence. It's the perfect background tune but one of the catchiest pieces plays whenever you're seeing a completed house/facility.

K.K Slider's entire catalogue can be unlocked through interacting with villagers, and you can groove out to them wherever you produce a stereo. Perhaps one of the cutest parts is if you're playing one of K.K's songs, you can put a villager in front of a microphone, and they'll sing along.

VERDICT In conclusion, while Happy Home Designer may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy the Animal Crossing series (particularly the design aspect of it) then you will love it.

There's an unbelievable amount of ways in which you can customise the various homes and facilities. It's a very endearing game that will definitely warm many hearts.


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