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Aven Colony ReviewReview


Aven Colony
Game review on Xbox One
Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Sat 29th Jul 2017
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Like Cities Skylines, BUT IN SPACE!

OVERVIEW Welcome to Aven Prime, a new planet light years away from Earth. Your mission is to build a new home for humanity, but first, you must brave all the indigenous life forms and environmental events. Will your colony rise into a metropolis that is the envy of the galaxy? Or will it crumble under the pressure of your mission?

Aven Colony is a city builder from developer Mothership Entertainment and publisher Team 17. Aven Colony is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

STORYLINE In Aven Colony's story mode, you play as the governor of one the new colonies of Aven Prime. Your mission is to build a new sustainable home for humanity in a new galaxy light years away from Earth.

Aven Colony is unique and fun in how you can take control of this new untamed land and make it your own. You can turn your colony from a minor mining colony into a thriving metropolis that features farms, power plants, water pumps, sports stadiums, and more skyscrapers than New York City and Dubai put together.

Aven Colony's story mode a great attempt to breathe new life into a run-of-the-mill city builder. Though certain story milestones, Aven Colony keeps the player on their toes. For example, as your colony grows you must balance your power, food, and building materials or else your colonists will die, you will fail your mission, and humanity will be doomed.

GAMEPLAY Aven Colony's gameplay is pretty straight forward. You (the Governor), start with a huge open landscape full of all the resources you will need to build a new home on Aven Prime, such as mining materials, water, geothermic power, and the all important Nanite.

All of these are important to creating a sustainable colony for humanity to live in, nanites are especially important to building as everything you build needs a certain amount of nanites. Luckily, nanites can be extracted from the materials you mine from Aven Prime, making getting nanites easier as you progress.

As city builders go, Aven Colony is one of the better ones in the genre. The freedom it gives you to craft your perfect home for humanity is second to none, and the story mode will teach you all you need to know while still providing a deep story that shows the player the dangers of settling a new planet.

GRAPHICS Aven Colony's graphics are limited by the type of game that it is, but it does everything that it sets out to do. The buildings look great, and the detail in the world was amazing in my opinion considering that most city builder games don't bother with how the world looks, instead focussing on the buildings themselves. The only fallback of Aven Colony is that when using the 8x speed, the frame rate will drop. For me, this occurred while my colony was at 1000 colonists, but it resolved itself within seconds.

AUDIO The music of Aven Colony is generic city builder music mixed with a mysterious space sound, which doesn't add much to the game. Aven Colony has standard building noises, city noises and has minor voice acting which adds little to the game, aside from providing plot exposition for the story mode.

VERDICT All up, Aven Colony brings a lot to the table but still feels like there is more stored on the transport ship. The story is unique and fun in that it offers an actual story mode that is more than "here's a field, build stuff". The gameplay is what you expect for a city builder, although with a twist of complete freedom mixed in; the map is expansive and full of resources to craft your new home. Aven Colony's graphics and audio are limited by the type of game that it is, but that is easy to get past once you play the game.
If you like games in the city builder genre then Aven Colony is for you. While it's not the most complete city builder when compared to the old Sim City games, it will keep you entertained for hours with all of its' intergalactic charm, intrigue, and features.


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