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Battlefield 1 ReviewReview


Battlefield 1
Game review on PS4
Callum Corcut / Thu 1st Dec 2016
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The great war. A great game

The hype is real. The return to the past is an excellent choice. The scale is immeasurable. Battlefield has never been better!

STORYLINE The story available in Battlefield 1 is unconventional when compared to previous Battlefield entries. There is no single protagonist and no one specific stage of the war.

Instead Battlefield 1 opts to let players choose from a series of 'War Stories' or what are generally referred to as chapters in traditional FPS campaigns (this isn't a traditional FPS campaign).

This approach allows you to see the war through the perspectives of people from different nationalities, genders and ethnicity. The war stories also don't have to be played in order.

If you wish to skip straight to the Gallipoli chapter then go right ahead. Also how cool is it that such a pivotal moment in Australian history gets shown on such a grand scale such as a Battlefield release?

This ability to jump from vastly different areas such as Arabia to Gallipoli to France would not have been possible if Battlefield 1 stuck to the formula we've come to expect from the franchise.

This campaign is by no means groundbreaking, or the best campaign of the year, but it is certainly good from a Battlefield standpoint which is all that really matters here. It is a short but fun experience that should give you roughly 5-6 hours of story driven WW1 violence. 

GAMEPLAY This is the most polished and well balanced Battlefield in a long time. Each of the four classes available (assault, medic, support, scout) have their own unique play styles that when implemented properly can swing the momentum of battle in your sides favour.

Even though multiplayer matches seem to be dominated by assault troopers and snipers there is no one class that is inherently better than the others.

Each class has their own specific gadgets and weapons exclusive to them, which allow you to help out your team in different ways and that's really what Battlefield 1 is all about; teamwork.

This is a game that rewards players for focusing on the objective and supporting teammates rather than getting an impressive K/D ratio. It is possible to have 9 kills and 30 deaths and still be in the top 5 of a 30 player team as long as you are playing your class.

The game modes available in Battlefield 1 are reflective of this objective based attitude. Series mainstays such as Conquest, Rush, Domination and Team Deathmatch return in all their glory while new modes such as Capture the Pigeon and the incredible Operations make their first appearance.

Pigeons is a kind of capture the flag esque mode that revolves around the release of friendly pigeons and the execution of  the enemies flying rats.
If there is one mode every FPS fan should try it is Operations. These huge 40-64 player matches are multi-stage battles that rage across several maps.

The attacking team is focused on capturing sectors and pushing the enemy back while the defending team is attempting to whittle down the enemy numbers and to hold its ground. This is the mode where the 'Behemoths' come in to play, huge game changing vehicles that wreak havoc on the opposition.
Gigantic blimps, trains and dreadnoughts can sway a battle in minutes. This kind of massive scale warfare is the closest a game has ever come to recreating the events of WW1 as well as creating one of the most enjoyable modes ever in a Battlefield game.

GRAPHICS Battlefield 1 is probably the most visually appealing shooter of the year that is heavily complimented by both its choice of time period and engine. What the Frostbite 3 engine can produce here is simply gorgeous.

Each map has a distinct feel  and the design choice to implement dynamic weather only adds to the spectacle of huge multiplayer matches.

From a slight drizzle in the trenches of France to full blown dust storms in the Middle East, the maps truly come alive like never before in a Battlefield game. This is the strongest selection of vanilla maps ever produced in the series.

These engrossing landscapes also include destructible environments and a comprehensive list of drive-able vehicles such as jeeps, tanks, bombers, horses and even the behemoths themselves.

If you don't already own the game check out some twitch streamers to see just how incredible this game looks. Truly a standout in a genre typically populated by graphically impressive titles.

AUDIO Battlefield 1's audio sets a new standard for future DICE productions. It is by far the grittiest of any of the Battlefield games. You can hear the men around you screaming as you take take an objective point or melee an incoming enemy to death.

The roar of the engines in dated attack planes are just brilliant and every bullet feels powerful as they reverberate throughout the air. The weapons themselves aren't what you would could "historically accurate" but who gives a damn?

This is fast paced competitive shooter action and the weapon firing rates reflect this. Also the brutality of a successful bayonet charge is both terrifying and immensely satisfying. Both the receiver and the aggressor of a bayonet attack can be seen screaming at each other in an act of primal force.

This is a quality example of how the audio makes you feel like you truly are apart of one of the most awful and costly wars in human history.

VERDICT It's that crucial time in every gamers calendar. The last three months of every year usually result in the release of an assortment of incredible games that due to time and budget constraints, most people don't get to experience everything they wish.

Most people have to carefully select what games to spend their money on and devote their time to. I'm here to say that Battlefield 1 is worth your time, worth your money and worth consideration as one of the best Battlefield games of all time and also one of the best FPS of this year.


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