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Battlerite ReviewReview


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Sandeep Henry / Sun 26th Nov 2017
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Prepare for an immersive PVP battle, where you'll need good reactions, timing and precision!

OVERVIEW Battlerite is an online arena brawler that measures up against other titles in this genre and then some.  Matches are short, sharp, vicious and an experience you won't forget in a hurry.

STORYLINE Being an online arena brawler, there is no real story as such. You get into the the action right away as soon as you select your champion and his/her loadout. Each champion in the game does however have a story to tell that resonates well with their fighting style and appearance. 

GAMEPLAY Battlerite is the successor to Bloodline Champions (also by Stunlock Studios). Though the gameplay is essentially the same as Bloodline, some changes to mechanics have been made in Battlerite, along with improvements to the look and feel of the game.

There are 4 different modes to try. Unlike most PvP games, Battlerite's matches are quick and exhilarating. Each round lasts only a few minutes in which lightning quick decisions and precise control over the keyboard and mouse are essential.

This makes the game a bit hard to master at first, but not so much that it will drain out all the fun from the gameplay. It's best if new users  try out a few matches with AI opponents before heading out to the online arena.

Honing your skills to face tougher opponents requires you to get comfortable with the controls. To do this, I'd recommend finding a single champion whose play style "fits" you the best and practicing with him/her for a while.

There are quite a lot of different characters to choose from. They can be further customised to suit your play style using ability enhancing 'battlerites'. Each champion also has their own loadouts for visual customisation. In any case, trying out different champions is really fun.

The developers have really structured and balanced the champions and their abilities wisely. This gives you a chance to decide on the play style which works for you .

GRAPHICS The character designs and overall visuals are quite beautiful. The art style may look a bit similar to that of Overwatch and Dota, but it is better considered as being inspired by those epic games rather than copying them. Battlerite still gifts a lot of originality to its champions and gameplay. 

Apart from the design aspects, during gameplay the view of the arena is a top-down perspective. This gives a feel of familiarity to strategy gamers. Controlling the champions with the regular WASD keys from this view is quite different yet satisfying.

AUDIO The sounds of the game are quite brilliant. Voice over artists have done a great job giving life to each champion, and the background music is also an effective addition to the gameplay. I'll have to also admit that some of the character voices and their dialogues are still etched into memory long after my last match in Battlerite.

VERDICT Apart from a somewhat unfair matchup system, I'd still say this game is worth every penny. The reason I used the word 'unfair' is maybe due to how hard I found PvP matches with other users. But it's only fair to appreciate that getting used to the controls is half the battle. Battlerite is a game based on mastering precision, so I hope that once I've practiced enough I'll get much better and start winning! The challenge in mastering the game itself.

I'd recommend this game to anyone who loves PvP.


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